Monday, March 31, 2008

Week 12 of 70.3 Florida training:

Week 12 is a RECOVERERY week, just in time.

Everything looks good, the weather look like I'll have nice week so I hope to as much as possible outside.

I'm still a little sore from Sundays ING half marathon, so I'm going to do my workouts at a slightly lower intensity.


Swim Recovery

Bike Recovery

Run Recovery


(#3) 1000 yds. a.m

20 miles p.m.


(#13) 2000 yds. a.m

50 min p.m


30 miles p.m.


(#4) 1250 yds. a.m

40 min p.m


20 miles p.m.


(choice) 1000 yds.

90 min a.m


50 miles a.m.

60 min walk p.m

I forgot to add to my last post some info about the ING expo.

Good show, it was at the Georgia Dome, you know that hallowed hall where the Falcons play.

The expo was on the field, and I got to walk the field and look up at the stands, life is good.

I got to meet Tommy from GU Sports and talk about the Team Zoot/GU project.

What a good guy, they were a very busy booth, but he was able to take some time and meet with me, talk sport and tell me all about the product.

Also, a good tip, if you at the expo on the last day and 10 minutes to close, you can score a lot of free stuff.

In 10 minutes I got 2 large bags to FREE stuff, so thank you to all.

OK, I need to stretch it out and get too bed.

Train smart train strong,



Wes said...

What's up with the ones in red? Are they optional? That's still some killer mileage for a recovery week. LOL!! I did a number on my shins Sunday night on the soccer pitch. Not sure what that means for tonights tempo work :-)

Kevin said...

Wow. Thats a great tip about the expos. I will have to remember that

teacherwoman said...

Ahh, recovery weeks. Such sweet recovery!

Nice job on the half marathon!