Friday, March 21, 2008

55 mile ride is in the books:

Greetings all,

With it being Good Friday and Easter Weekend I needed to move a few things around to accommodate everything and everyone.

Sunday was to be my long ride, but I'm going to my Fathers for Easter so a 3 hour Sunday ride is out of the question. So my only other option was to get it done today, and my friends today was a great ride.

The hills felt smaller the sun was one my (sun screened) face and the wind at my back, the bike was tight and all I needed to do was ride 55 miles.

I set off at 10:00 am and was making great time; my goal was to negative split the ride and get back to the house feeling like I could run nothing more nothing less.

It was a little cool this morning about 50 degrees (I know it all relative) but sunny and not much wind, I set off on a route that I ridden before but a little shorter than my requited 55 miles, but I added a new loop to get my distance.

Things were going good until I got to a closed road, the road dipped down real low and had been closed due to flooding, so I turned it around, I knew where I was so no big deal, just funny.

I was going to link up with a pal from the office and do a partial ride from his house to the office and get a feel for the route, but scheduling issues arose so we missed, so I road it alone.

What a nice ride, I'm going to enjoy riding to the office, at about mile 2ish it's a good downhill into a covered bridge, real nice, then it's a bit of a long grade uphill, but the covered bridge is real cool.

After that I needed about 20 miles and I needed faster splits, so I got it in gear and went. The sun was getting a little higher in the sky and it was warming up nicely so the added speed didn't feel like work at all, it felt like spring.

I got back to the house feeling great, I didn't get to run off the bike, I was tight for time, and I owed it to the family not to keep them waiting.

So that's the story of my 55 miles ride.

Good Friday and happy Easter to all,


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Wes said...

Nice ride, bro! Way to kick bootay! I'm just afraid our schedules will never synch up for a ride, but I guess if we ride at Stone Mountain it won't matter will it?

Have a great trip!!!