Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Triathlon means to me:

Like many, in my past I was a much different person.

I liked to smoke like it wasn’t going to kill me. I ate fast food all the time and piled up the pounds. Exercise consisted of mowing the lawn and drinking beer, I was in trouble.

I had two young kids and I wanted to be a father that could do things with them, you know someone that could move. A friend of mine was a runner turned triathelete, and I was inspired by him and thought it looked like fun, and this just be my reason to change. I picked a day and smoked my last smoke, laced up and got out and started run walk program. This was my new leaf and it felt like my last chance. I struggled and fell of the wagon a few times but I persevered, it was the hardest thing I have ever done.

I love things that are hard!

With that said, it must explain a lot about me. I like to fail and fail and fail because I grow from each attempt and learn things about myself, and each time I get stronger and eventually I kick it’s A$$. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t like to fail, but when I do and I overcome it just tastes better.

Triathlon keeps me on the straight and narrow, (my wife would also kick my butt).

The gods have smiled down upon me.

See ya on the road,


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Training update:

Hey Ya’ll

How you doing? I my friends I’m rocking it, at least by my standards.

I am training for Ironman 70.3 Florida, and this is week 3, and I finishing my workouts with gas in the tank.

The plan I choose “18 Week Half Ironman – Intermediate”, start off slow and builds up slowly. This plan is smart in so many ways, first it builds slowly as not to wear out anything so early, secondly is has lots of swim drills, thirdly it has balance, but that I mean so far I am not too tired. I looked at many plans and many start off much to fast, what good is a plan when in the early stages your dragging you butt around. I want to attack the workouts, I want quality.

So I’m felling pretty good, for only 2.5 weeks in and I’m feeling fine.

Next up, the biggies are 35 mile bike on Saturday and 60 minute run on Sunday. Look like the weather is going to be pretty nice this weekend, just about 60 degrees so I am off the trainer and outside!

So, my friends rock on!

See ya on the road,


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Midweek update:

Humpday is here and I'm right on schedule with my training. Not that the miles or hours are too over the top, it's just that I'm just getting back into my groove, and, well I've gotten a little, how do I say, soft.
Post marathon I really needed a break I was falling out of love and my thyroid was going nuts. I took a break, maybe a little too long for comfort, but that was then, and now is now. I am glad to be back, well I have to say it, "Back in the saddle", I really have a new found love for my sport.
As we ramp back up and start tuning up, remember just how lucky we are.

See ya on the road,


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Team Zoot GU!

A few months ago I learned that Zoot and GU where teaming up and they where going to put together a team of age-groupers as “brand ambassador”, Team Zoot GU. I found the website and completed the application form, this took a little soul searching, they wanted to know why they should choose me, what races I’ve completed, what challenges lie ahead and how I can give back to our community. This is where I had a hard time, what can I do to give back, I’ve taken a lot, maybe more than my share times. I have a bunch of ideas, and I will share them with you at a later time. But one I can let you in on, my daughter’s elementary school has a running club, and I want to volunteer my time and do all I can to help. How cool is that?

I am happy to accept their offer, I’ve been using GU for years and I find it to be the best product on the market (Espresso Love is my favorite). Zoot, I’ve known about the product for years but never owned anything before. I’ve drooled all over the keyboard many times, and now I get to own and even better review their products.

Snippet from their letter:
“We are eager to kick off the inaugural year of our co-sponsored triathlon team, and we are equally thrilled to extend an invitation to you to join the ranks of 300 specially selected men and women nationwide who will initiate this exciting venture. You have been chosen from a field of several hundred applicants due to your accomplishments, goals and enthusiasm in the sport of triathlon and in the multi-sport community as a whole. We welcome you as a brand ambassador and are proud to support you throughout your upcoming season!”

See ya on the road,


Life is Good:

I have to say, Life is Good.

My training that started off a little slow, is now full speed, and I seem to have hit my rhythm.
I’ve been riding on the Trainer in the evenings and although I miss the outside world, I am just happy and thankful to be riding. My swimming has improved over last years times, I am happy to say I have dropped 15 seconds off my 100m! I owe my newly found speed to better technique, strength training and all those laps(LOL). My running has been my weak link, but now that my medical issue is somewhat resolved I am sure that my running will quickly improve.

My week looks like this.






(#1) 1000 yds. a.m

miles. p.m.



(#4) 1250 yds. a.m


min p.m.



miles. p.m.



(#2) 1000 yds. a.m


min p.m.








min a.m.



miles a.m.


I missed my swim yesterday because they were closed with the holiday, so I am going to make up a little of it today.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Health Club Brick:

Yup, I'm in the club doing a ride / run brick. I've got a 25 mile ride and a 40 minute run. Got about 10 more miles on the bike, then right to te run.

Then shower, then lunch then foolballl!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowman ?


Snowing in Georgia?

It's snowing in Georgia, we moved from the north to excape the snow, but it found us!
I have to say I've missed the snow and I am glad it's here.
Later, I'm going for a run!


Sunday, January 13, 2008

The official start to IronMan 70.3 Florida training!

Monday starts my official start to my IronMan 70.3 Florida training, so tonight I’m going to bed early!

Tomorrow I have a lunchtime swim, 1000 meters, 300 warm, 5x100 and 200 cool down.
Later in the evening I have 60 minutes on the trainer, this is going to be hell for me.
Spinning on the trainer isn’t my favorite, after about 5 minutes I’m looking at my watch.
Admitting you have problem (Attention Deficit Disorder on the trainer) is the first step to recovery. LOL.

To does for the week:
Get out the board games and play with the kids.
Run a warm up with my kids.
Get more sleep.
Stretch out twice a day.
Drink more water.
Turn the TV off.
Everything in the list doable, I just need to hunker down and get it done.

See ya on the road.


Friday, January 11, 2008

I got to watch where I'm going.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Florida IronMan 70.3 training

Ok, here it is, next Monday is the official start to my Florida IronMan 70.3 training!
I had been searching for plans all off season and the one that fits me best can be found on Tri Newbies
It starts out like most plans, starting out slow, building endurance and over time ramping up to race mileage. The first few weeks are real easy and I thought I was way above the effort, but if I can take the early weeks and really focus on form I know I will be better for it. This plan has some room in that will allow me to strength train, last year I saw this as a place where I could improve. So that my plan, and I am going to stick to it!

Post holidays I have been swim focused and I’m having a blast. I’ve been taking it easy swimming 1000 meters at lunch doing drills, 300 warm, 5 100, 200 cool, nothing too hard, just really working on form. Much of my bike has been on the trainer, nothing too hard, just getting used to the new bike, and trying to keep my legs. I started lifting a few weeks back, just working on the basics taking it slow working up on the sets and reps. It’s too early in the year to wear something out, just trying to tune up a bit. Running has been my weakness and I need to get back out on the road, I really miss it. I got a few extra lbs left over from the holidays that I need to work off, lbs that I earned.
I’ve had fun this off season, I really got to spend some time with the family and just hangout.

Now my new season is starting, I am working on my goals, my race schedule and my family. I am excited about what lies ahead of me, I am going to race an half IronMan, who would have thought it. A few years ago I was a pack a day smoker who was as on a crash course, and now I’m going to race 70.3 miles.

I am going to share a few goals, in no particular order:
Race a Half Ironman.
Volunteer at an event.
Turn off the TV for me and the family.
Say thank you to all race volunteers.
Take walks with my wife and hold her hand.
Get two other people into our sport.
Volunteer on earth day.
Recycle more.
Take time off when I need it.
Use sunscreen more.
Open water swim more.
Learn Yoga.
Join a TRI club.
Sign up for IronMan ??? 2009? (Be brave now)

And number one is spend as much time with the family has I can.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I’m back!

Ok it’s time to get going.
I’ve had a few weeks off and I am feeling like it’s time to go.
This time has me feeling like a new man, this time off has recharged my batteries and allowed me to heal.

So, today I started my training program for IronMan 70.3 Florida!
I have been waiting this for many months now, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.
The Holidays have taken there toll on me and I have indulged far too much in food and drink and now I have to do my penance.

I feel focused and ready for the long road ahead of me; I am up for the challenge.

My plan for the next few weeks is to have some fun with my early weeks; I am going to swim at lunch time. My swim drills will be 400m warmup, 8x25s 4x50s and 400 cool down this will give me a cool 1000 meters.

I’ve got a half marathon in mid February so I am going to run start ramping up in my running, I will run between 3 – 5 miles three times a week and a long run on the weekend. I’ve been a real slacker on the running over the last two months and I need to get back to it slowly, I have too much to do to get injured now so I got to go at it easy.

The bike, I’ve been on the trainer much of the last few weeks and it’s a bit to stay focused. Sunday is looking like a nice day so I think I can get out for ride.

On my Thyroid front, I have had a bunch of tests and I have Graves disease, I know it sounds bad and it is, but I was named after Dr. Graves (dodged the big one). So what does this mean, well it means my thyroid is over active, and that’s not to good. I meat with my doctor and I am going to take radio active iodine to kill my thyroid. This is a bit of a bummer for me, kill my what… I don’t want to kill anything but a Sam Adam’s six pack, but this is what I have to do. I’ve been feeling really poorly for the last two months and I don’t think I could really race in the condition I’m in, so it’s really for the best.

I hope you all (y’all) have had a wonderful holiday and that you are feeling the new energy within you.

Oh, btw I am going to join a TRI club this month!