Sunday, January 13, 2008

The official start to IronMan 70.3 Florida training!

Monday starts my official start to my IronMan 70.3 Florida training, so tonight I’m going to bed early!

Tomorrow I have a lunchtime swim, 1000 meters, 300 warm, 5x100 and 200 cool down.
Later in the evening I have 60 minutes on the trainer, this is going to be hell for me.
Spinning on the trainer isn’t my favorite, after about 5 minutes I’m looking at my watch.
Admitting you have problem (Attention Deficit Disorder on the trainer) is the first step to recovery. LOL.

To does for the week:
Get out the board games and play with the kids.
Run a warm up with my kids.
Get more sleep.
Stretch out twice a day.
Drink more water.
Turn the TV off.
Everything in the list doable, I just need to hunker down and get it done.

See ya on the road.



JBD said...

I am looking at the same event for my first HIM. Concerned about the early season timing, but that is just the negative voice talking. I am also training in Atlanta so maybe we will cross paths. Do you have a coach, if so, where are they based?

Brian said...

I am not using a coach, but maybe I should...
I'm in Grayson, we've got some real nice rides, come on out for a ride.

Good luck with the training.


Wes said...

Hell to the yea! Kicking off a bit earlier than I am, but let's GET.IT.ON!! Woo hoo!!!

P.S. Watch where you are going ;-)

Amy said...

Looking forward to watching your training!

And love the to-do lists! I'm a self-professed list maker :(