Monday, October 22, 2007

Week 15 is in the books.

Well this week I start my taper, I thought I would never make it, but its here at last.Yesterday was my last real long run, 20 miles, and it kicked my butt. I got a real late start and it was 82 degrees out at the start and dark when I got back home. I was tired, dirty and a little dehydrated by the end. I got lost, crashed and twisted my ankle and when I asked for directions they laughed at me, they said “Son, you a long way from home, hop in and I will drive you home”, and when I said, thanks, but no thanks, they thought I was crazy. I got myself into this; I will get myself out, but thank you for the offer. My course was a hilly one, much hillier that the marathon course, but I am ready to run the Mt Everest Marathon, kidding, but the hills on the stretch were killer, and because I got lost I got to run them twice. JI thought I was going to crack, I was tired, lonely and lost, it was getting dark and I thought about calling my wife and asking for a ride. I was filled with self-doubt, I didn’t think I had it in me, I was a looser… I never made the call; I thought about my form, drank as much water as I could, shot a gel and dug deep. It was dark with about 5 miles to go, I was beat, and the last 5 miles are on some long rollers and it’s mostly uphill. This was my worst long run yet, the last few miles I was doing a drunken shuffle, and my legs were toast. A N D - I - L O V E D – E V E R Y - M O M E N T – OF - I T.Really, I am not crazy, well maybe a little, I love this felling, I was in pain, my feet felt like they were going to explode, my quads were gone, my groin was tight and my calves and hams felt like someone peeled them off the bone. At this point I started learning things about myself, this is where I learned I was strong and true to myself. It would have been so easy to quit, at times I wanted to quit, but I stayed strong. Sure I had to walk some, I really had nothing left in the tank, but that doesn’t matter, I did what I set off to do.During my taper: I can get all my weekday runs in at lunch and my weekend long runs aren’t so long, I really need to spend some time with the family and catch up a bit, I have been spending too much time away. I need to lay on the floor with the kids and watch a little Sponge Bob.

Run long and taper,


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Week 15 of marathon training:

This is week 15, it’s hard to believe I’ve mad it this far, I have to say the time just flew by. I am feeling pretty good; I made all but one run last week. I had to work all day Sunday so I ran my long run on Saturday and worked on Sunday. My run on Saturday was extended to 13.1 so I could participate in the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon Challenge. I was invited to run with a nice bunch of fellow runners in downtown Atlanta, but I had to decline. I was really wish I could have made it, but with working on Sunday and trying to balance running and family time, family always wins out, and we had a real nice time picking pumpkins. So I ran my own route and did pretty good, I ran the 13.1 in 2 hours and 22 minutes, I was pretty happy considering I picked a real hilly course.

So this week:
Monday off
Tuesday 5 miles
Wednesday 8 miles
Thursday 5 miles
Friday off
Saturday 5 miles
Sunday 20 miles

Sunday is another 20 miler and my last for this marathon training program. I have to say I love the long runs, I mean the time I spend running a 20 miler, 4 hours + gives me time to really think out any issues I might have.

Goals for the week:
Let my family know I love them and spend some real quality time with them.
Get my runs in and finish strong.
Work on my pre race dinner, breakfast, run nutrition and hydrations.
Make a real effort to keep my form the entire time.
Stretch out, I am getting tight and I need to loosen up.
Save water and use less electricity.

You can go through life with and do nothing or everything it’s your choice.

Things that don’t make since:
I have been following a story of a young girl who has brain cancer. She is just a little girl, so innocent and to have sure adversity, it just doesn’t make any since.
I plan on running my marathon in honor of her and the battle she is fighting. I am raising money for her trust fund and cancer research.

But tonight I learned that she lost her fight.

I’ve spent many hours training for my race, time away from my family. I have worked crazy hours and haven’t seen my kids for an entire day. I have been self absorbed in my little world; I’ve spent many hours sitting on the couch of doom watching football hoping my kids would not interrupt. How selfish I have become, hoping my kids would leave me alone to watch a football game. Don’t get me wrong, I do a lot with my family, but when I see a family that has had a loved one taken away I feel awful when I take my family for granted.

Please get off the couch, huge you wife, husband, kids, mom, dad and anyone in your life, let them know you love them.

Live Strong,


Saturday, October 13, 2007

IronMan Kona:

Today is IronMan Kona, you can watch it online:

I wish you all the best of luck.


Friday, October 12, 2007

There but for the grace of God go I:

You are born, you live your life and you die.
Not much you can do about the start or the end.
But the time between the bookends, this, my friends is up to you.

I’ve been reading a blog about a very young girl and she has cancer of the brain; she is under going treatment, but she is in bad shape. And for some reason (I’m human) I just can’t get over it.

Now I really don’t want to sound like I am preaching, but….
When I am feeling low, and like things aren’t going my way I kiss my kids and pray to God to help this poor child. It really puts thing in perspective.

I’ve never meet this young girl or her family, but as a parent, as a man I feel for this family. I can not even comment the fear they must be feeling and my prayers and thoughts are with them.

There but for the grace of God go I.

I’ve been a lazy self-centered man who only worried about things in my small, small world. But when I heard this story I could not sit idly by, how in this great day and age can this disease named cancer be causing such havoc in our sons, daughters, sisters, bothers, mothers and fathers. I know we have made great strides in research and treatment, but we can do more, I know we can.

This is not going to happen all by itself, we can not just think the government is going to do it for us. We the people of this fine planet are going to have to do it, and this means we all have to get involved. We all have jobs to do, some of use will do research, some of us will work with patents, some of use will do things that raise awareness and collect funds to pay for this research. Who can tell me that they do not know anyone who has had cancer; it has touched all of our lives. A cure, and preventative measure is out their, it only takes time and money, the time is the hard part; some of us do not have it, the money, that’s the easy part.

Please think about this young girl and her Mom, Dad and Brothers, keep them in your prayers, because of they need it.

Now this is how we can help out, I need you to get out your checkbooks and really get involved, it’s only money and you’ll make more, so be a hero.

In order to assist the Family with some of the growing medical expenses from Elli’s illness, the “Elli Ruth Benefit Fund” has been created in conjunction with Provident Bank.
Donations, payable to the “Elli Ruth Benefit Fund”, should be mailed to the following address:

Elli Ruth Benefit Fund
c/o John Wojtowicz
3297 St. George’s Ct.
Hampstead , MD 21074

I’m not a Scientist, and I ‘m not a Doctor, I’m just a regular guy, so my role in this battle is to raise awareness, money and pray for a cure.

Please donate.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Weather update:

The weather this morning is/was just incredible; it was 54 degrees outside, and I don’t think it’s been that cool since March. I have been running a 5 mile loop at lunch and the midday heat has always been an issue, but today is going to feel great!

Legs are a little heavy, and I am a little tired this morning, I got up a little too early. I am trying to eat well and stretch out a bit, because today is going to be an awesome run!


Monday, October 8, 2007

This Sunday, I ran 20 miles:

20 miles takes me a long time to run, and while I'm running my mind is getting clearer.
These miles removed the litter that used to clutter my mind, the synapses are rebuilding, all cylinders are firing, and things seem simpler. All things are possible; training for this marathon has been the best thing I have ever done. I have (re)learned that I can do anything, if I give it 100% and stay true to the plan.

Running makes me happy.
I am proud of my abilities.
I like to make new runners, I want others the feel the same way I do.
During long runs, think about my past life (fast food, Marlboro’s and body by Budweiser), and I feel I’ve earned the moniker “runner”.
When people find out I ran 20 miles, they can’t believe it, I tell them to reset their cars trip odometer and see what it takes to get to 20.
I just want to run more and more.
I like to push myself both mentally and physically, the results have been awesome.

Run people, just run.

I encourage everyone to train and run long distances; it will change your life.

Ok, enough of the mushy stuff.

So this is week 14, only 4 to go to race day.
Monday off –beer and pasta (got to carbo load)
Tuesday 5 miles
Wednesday 8 miles
Thursday 5 miles
Friday should be off, but I am going to run 5
Saturday 13
Sunday Working, big upgrade to do.

This is a rest week, 35 miles….

Wish me luck.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

Long, Long, really long run.

My first 20 miler is in the books.
I had to walk a bit, but I'm feeling good!

More on this run later.


Monday, October 1, 2007

This is where the fun starts:

This is week 18 of my Chickamauga Marathon training program.

My marathon training as been both good and bad, I’ve misses a few runs and I’ve been feeling bad about it. I know it’s ok to miss a few runs, its not the end of the world, but when I say I am going to do something and I don’t it haunts me. But on the other side, I’ve been pretty tired and felling a bit run down, and the hardest part of my training is coming up, and a little time off now will help me in the long run. So I really haven’t been beating myself up too much, and all-in-all I am feeling good about myself and my try at a marathon, in-fact I recommend it.

So, week 13, hard to believe 12 weeks have gone by so quickly.
Monday Masters swimming
Tuesday 5 miles
Wednesday 8 miles
Thursday 5 miles
Friday bike 20 miles
Saturday 5 miles
Sunday 20 miles!
Totaling a weekly running mileage of 43!

Positive thought for the week:
1) Can’t wait for the race/event, it been almost 13 weeks and only a few more weeks to go.
2) The weather is been really nice, and it’s only getting better (it’s Georgia and its been hot).
3) My body and mind has been holding up.
4) Running warm-ups with the kids.
5) I am having fun.

If you going to run the Chickamauga let me know how you’re doing, shoot me an email or post a message here.