Monday, October 1, 2007

This is where the fun starts:

This is week 18 of my Chickamauga Marathon training program.

My marathon training as been both good and bad, I’ve misses a few runs and I’ve been feeling bad about it. I know it’s ok to miss a few runs, its not the end of the world, but when I say I am going to do something and I don’t it haunts me. But on the other side, I’ve been pretty tired and felling a bit run down, and the hardest part of my training is coming up, and a little time off now will help me in the long run. So I really haven’t been beating myself up too much, and all-in-all I am feeling good about myself and my try at a marathon, in-fact I recommend it.

So, week 13, hard to believe 12 weeks have gone by so quickly.
Monday Masters swimming
Tuesday 5 miles
Wednesday 8 miles
Thursday 5 miles
Friday bike 20 miles
Saturday 5 miles
Sunday 20 miles!
Totaling a weekly running mileage of 43!

Positive thought for the week:
1) Can’t wait for the race/event, it been almost 13 weeks and only a few more weeks to go.
2) The weather is been really nice, and it’s only getting better (it’s Georgia and its been hot).
3) My body and mind has been holding up.
4) Running warm-ups with the kids.
5) I am having fun.

If you going to run the Chickamauga let me know how you’re doing, shoot me an email or post a message here.



Wes said...

You are masterful the way you are orchestrating the plan :-) Where ya running Sunday? I gotta do sixteen myself....

Brian said...

I havent planned it all.
Somewhere flat I hope.


Wes said...

I'm thinking about heading down to the Silver Comet Trail. I would love to hook up with you, but I just realized that you probably don't do the run/walk thing. That might make our running together awkward!?!?

Brian said...

I'm not sure I could head out that far. I have family obligations later that day, and I don't think I can drive out, run 4 hours and get back in time, as I live in Grayson.
I might be able come up on a shorter run. I would like to do a run and check out the trail.
I've got a 5 on Sat, too short for the effort, Sun is 20, not enought time, next weekend I am on call and really can't stray to far from home. The weekend after that I've got another 5 and 20 miler, the weekend after that I start my two week taper, so I have a 4 and a 12, but that weekend is The Silver Comet half. So we might meet up for that.
Thoughts ?

Wes said...

Sounds like it is falling into place... I have a recovery week next weekend, when you are on call, then I have an 18 miler, and the kids have no games that Sunday...

Stone Mountain Park doesn't open till 10 AM. That would be another option...

DC said...

Since you asked to hear about people planning on running Chickamauga..... I'm hanging in there. Going to run the Music City Half marathon this weekend and have a 20 on Monday. The only real "injury" so far is a really cool looking black big toe. Hey... we've only got about a month to go, then rest. Sweet rest.

Brian said...

so Oct 21 is a long run for you?
I've got a 20 miler.
I was thinking I might wan't to run the marathon course, would you be up for that. If not Stone Mt is ok, but it's pretty hilly. Also you can park outside Stone Mt. and run it.

Bad news about your toe, I've been rubbing Bodyglide on my toes before my long run and knock on wood I've been OK.
Send me you race report for the "Music City Half marathon" and I'll post it.
Good luck.