Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Next up the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk:

Thursday September 27 is the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk, and man I’m stoked!
Our company has 130 runners and walkers this year, this has to be a record for us. My department IST has just about 30 participating, and I know that’s a record, last year were might have had 10. So this year when the notification came out with the date (about 8 weeks ago), I started campaigning to see if I could roundup 30 team members. I am counting the 10 of us that ran/walked last year, so I needed 20. So my plan was to make some new runners, pretty cool I thought, get someone else into the sport that saved my life (it might of saved my life), but I love to run. Out of the twenty or so that were added about 5 were total new to running, and a few more had run before, you know “back in the day”, so they were all getting back into it or into to it. I set up a few training plans for the newbie’s and we did Tuesday after work runs at a park located close to the office. We had some hot weather, we had a couple of 100 degree days, and I was shocked that people showed up to run. Runners are a strange breed; I don’t think non runners get it, so lucky for us we do.

So the race, it’s a 5k on some rolling hills nothing to sick, so I am hoping to run fast!
This race has some real cool vibes, first off, the starting line is at the 1996 Olympic torch and under the Olympic rings, and runs out though downtown Atlanta, last year I felt like I was an Olympian. Being part of the 15,000-20,000 runner pack, running though downtown Atlanta is just electric.


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Wes said...

Very cool! Have a great time!!!