Thursday, September 6, 2007

Florida 70.3 Half IronMan:

As I write this post my body is now coming back from a paralysis.
I clicked the go button on the signup form for Florida 70.3 Half IronMan, and I went numb.

1.2 miles swim
56.0 mile bike ride
13.1 mile run

More to come on this subject.

I am going to bed early.


Wish me luck....


Wes said...

Oh hell yea :-) I'm a paid participant as well! Gonna be a party in Orlando the weekend of May 18th!!! Woo hoo!!!!

(Virtual)Training partner? Lock and load, bro!!

Brian said...

Sweeeeet, glad to have a Training partner virtual or not. Glad I am not the only crazy one.

Lock, load and ready too go, bro!!