Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some photos from one of my long runs, a 14 miler.
The weather was nice for running but not so good for taking pictures.
It started to rain aroud the halfway point so the camera did not come out after that.

My run started out my front door, and I ran up to Tribble Mill Park, I hit some trails and ran back.
I had a blast, I found a quite trail just off the road and took it into the park, I had no idea where it when, I just took it. :)


Rebecca said...

Great route! It's amazing how much Georgia looks like New Hampshire (In the summer anyway!).

I hope you're feeling better and are back to training.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Georgia does look a lot like NH. Where I live and run we have some nice long rollers and up north we have some big mountains.

I ran 4 last night and felt pretty good.
We have some land in Effingham NH, just south of Ossipee. Its a great place. We love to ski in the winter and paddle in the summer.
Thanks for the well wishes.


Brian said...

I forgot to add, I saw 4 Feet's blog, and your blog with the pictures and wanted to share my run with you guys.


Nicole said...

Pretty route! It's so lush!