Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 10 of training for the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon:

Training this week has been hard, on Sunday night I started to get a soar throat, and by late morning Monday I was driving back home after leaving work sick. I stopped on the way home and got some Zicam, I purchased the ‘Oral Mist’ and have been taking it for two days now. I love the product and think it works well.
This has been a real bummer on my training, I have congestion in my head and lungs and the thought of running is exhausting. Last week I missed a few miles because of ankle pain, and as soon as I healed up from that now I’m sick, what a pain. On the bright side, I love the bright side, I have had time to heal up the mussels and the small aches and pains are gone. I missed my Tuesday run of 4 miles, and tonight I have a 8 miler, that’s going to kill me.
So my week is this:
Mon Cross / Nothing slept all day
Tue 4 miles / Nothing slept all day
Wed 8 miles / Short swim at lunch 1000 meters, and I hope I can run tonight.
Thu 4 miles
Fri Off
Sat 8 miles
Sun 17 miles.
For a weekly total of 41 miles.
Wish me luck, I am going to need it.



Wes said...

The plan I was on (Galloway) is a run three times a week plan, with one of those being a long run. As long as you get your long run in, I wouldn't worry about it. Your muscles will definitely benefit from the extra rest. I'm sure you will feel (and be) strong! :-)

Glad you are starting to feel better!!!

Brian said...

thanks for the encouragement.

Nicole said...

I hope you feel better Brian. I know what you're going through. I'm sure the extra rest will make you stronger by race time. :)