Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Morning run:

I am in San Fran this week at Oracle World, what a show.

Anyway I had a great run this morning along the bay. It was cool and dry, somewhat different then the ATL weather.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Help calling all Bloggers:

Guys and Gals,

It's time to pay it forward, and I need your help!

Friends of mine are in a band and play some of the best music I have ever heard and are in the midst of the "Greatest Unsigned Band in the World" contest sponsored by Sirius Satellite's radio show Little Stevie's Underground Garage.

These guys really have some fine tunes; you have to check them out. Really, check them out, they play with emotion and lay it all on the line, their songs are real.

Give them a listen, go to www.myspace.com/drunksdontlie

All of the songs hit home with me, and I can tell you if you listen to their songs you'll want to cast your vote.

During my long workouts, when I'm felling low, I crank up one peculiar song "Media Man", and when that song is playing it just gives me a boost and gets be back on track.

I just have to add, band member Eric and his wife just completed Ironman Lake Placid, so congrats to both of them!

Ok, here are the instructions on how to vote, please let me know that you voted and I'll send you a few of their tunes.



"We are all brothers under the sun" --DDL

Little Stevie's Underground Garage, Channel 25 on Sirius Satellite Radio, has selected Drunks Don't Lie as part of The Greatest Unsigned Band in the World contest. This is a monthly contest where only 12 bands worldwide are selected for competition. The band with the most votes advances to the Semifinals, putting prizes, a recording contract, fame and fortune within reach! Voting has already begun and runs until September 30th. You are allowed to vote ONE TIME PER EMAIL ACCOUNT, so please help us as much as you can if you have more than one email account. Below are the step-by step instructions for voting for you to print out or refer to. It is a very easy process and will only take less than five minutes of your time. Please spread the word to family and friends and help 5 guys realize their dream. This is like the American Idol for garage bands and we really have a great chance to win with your help.

  1. Go to www.goldiesgarage.us

  2. At the upper right hand portion of your screen, see the REGISTER HERE box. Click on the little green circle with the + in it- this is where you REGISTER.

  3. All it will ask you for is your name, username, email, and password- That's all- no more personal information necessary! Then click on SEND REGISTRATION

    4. The screen will now say REGISTRATION COMPLETE with this message : Your account has been created and activation link has been sent to the e-mail address you entered. Note that you must activate the account by clicking on the activation link when you get the e-mail before you can login.

  4. Now go to your EMAIL ACCOUNT – open the email from 'Goldies Garage'

  5. Click on the first link to activate the account

  6. Now you'll see a new window open up a Goldies Garage page that says ACTIVATION COMPLETE! Now close this page to go back to your email.

  7. Click on the second link to take you back to Goldiesgarage Home page.

  8. At the upper right hand part of the screen, log in with your Username and password.

  9. Now your name will appear on the home page showing that you are logged in- click on VOTE!

  10. Now the names of all the bands will appear on the screen – scroll down to DRUNKS DON'T LIE and click on the circle next to our name

  11. Then scroll down and click on VOTE

  12. THANKS! YOU JUST VOTED FOR US! We are one step closer to realizing our goal- WE APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!! Log in again to see the up-to-date results…




Monday, September 8, 2008

Things to do if you have too much free time:

Too much time, never. But I've taken on a new roll lately, one I freely accepted.

I'm not sure what to call it, but I am organizing my company's participation in the Kaiser Permanente (KP) 5K Corporate Challenge this year.

Long story short, part of our company split off and the folks that organized the race for us last year were part of the company that split off.

They did an awesome job in the past, remarkable really, and for many years it was a major highlight for runners in the company.

For those of you that don't know about the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Challenge, it's a 5K road race with approx 20,000 participants(not all from my company) and it runs Thursday September 25th at 7pm.

It's a race and it's a party, the road course starts at the Braves stadium and runs north into downtown Atlanta and then loops back to stadium parking lot, where companies set up large tents for the post race party.

This has to be the best 5K I've ever run; you toe the line with a bunch of you colleagues, you run a closed course in some of the best parts of downtown Atlanta and then make it back to the tent for the party.

So, this is the year I became the guy.

I'm in charge of getting a budget (did I mention something about my company splitting), it's harder than it sounds. Asking for money nowadays or should I say getting it is harder than it sounds.

Working with the folks at KP and Active.com to set up accounts, teams and a registration process.

Getting the word out to the masses, email campaigns, kissing babies and shaking hands, and getting folks off the couch of doom.

Couch to 5K training plans, training sessions, lunch time, after work and everything in between.

Creating a tee shirt design, finding a screen printer, so we can all get the all important race shirt.

Trophy's, we got to have trophy's right, how about some real cool ones, yea, trophy's.

Food, what would the best 5K be without food, how about, chicken wings, ribs, pulled pork and pulled chicken with baked beans, coleslaw and potato salad followed up with cookies and brownies.

Beer, we have to have lots of beer, ice cold beer and plenty of it, we need to storm the castle, pillage the buffet and drink like Vikings.

Door prizes, timing, transportation and this, that, and the other thing.

Getting them all to the line on race day, priceless.


Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm in mall hell.

Somebody shoot me!

My wife and kids tricked me, they said how about lunch and a movie. Sucker, I need to put this one in the Book of Man under code for let's drag dad around so he can carry all the bags of shoes.

Payback for a two hour ride this morning (worth it).