Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Next up the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk:

Thursday September 27 is the Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk, and man I’m stoked!
Our company has 130 runners and walkers this year, this has to be a record for us. My department IST has just about 30 participating, and I know that’s a record, last year were might have had 10. So this year when the notification came out with the date (about 8 weeks ago), I started campaigning to see if I could roundup 30 team members. I am counting the 10 of us that ran/walked last year, so I needed 20. So my plan was to make some new runners, pretty cool I thought, get someone else into the sport that saved my life (it might of saved my life), but I love to run. Out of the twenty or so that were added about 5 were total new to running, and a few more had run before, you know “back in the day”, so they were all getting back into it or into to it. I set up a few training plans for the newbie’s and we did Tuesday after work runs at a park located close to the office. We had some hot weather, we had a couple of 100 degree days, and I was shocked that people showed up to run. Runners are a strange breed; I don’t think non runners get it, so lucky for us we do.

So the race, it’s a 5k on some rolling hills nothing to sick, so I am hoping to run fast!
This race has some real cool vibes, first off, the starting line is at the 1996 Olympic torch and under the Olympic rings, and runs out though downtown Atlanta, last year I felt like I was an Olympian. Being part of the 15,000-20,000 runner pack, running though downtown Atlanta is just electric.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week 11 is in the books:

Wow, week 11 was tough, lots of miles and we had some real warm weather.

During my 18 mile run at mile 12 I came upon a fork in the road, I had 6 miles ahead or I could bail and take the short route 2 miles back home.

So far my run was long, hilly and hot, and I knew the remaining 6 was going to be hard on me, it was going to test my body and spirit. So many times I thought of taking the short route, the easy way, I wanted a cup of coffee; I wanted air conditioning and something to eat. This long and hilly run was starting to take its toll on me; I was getting weak both physically and mentally. It was getting harder to keep my previously cheerfully attitude, and I was certain I was going to fail.
But something happened, I came to the fork in the road, and I started to cross over in the direction of long, 6 more miles to go direction. I was confused, I though my mind and body had it worked it all out; all of us were going to take the short route home, get a cup of coffee and be done with the running thing. As I made the turn and started to think I’m going to get my 18 miles in, holy crap. Something great just happened, the mind is strong! My body was begging my mind to stop and go home, but thankfully my mind stayed its course and did not give in.

I ran 18 miles Sunday; this run may have broken down my body but it built-up my mind. Sure I’m a little sore and my Achilles tendon is/was a sore but my head is back on track.


Sunday, September 23, 2007

18 Miler:

My 1 8 miler is in the books.
I would like to say is was easy, but it wasn't.
Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and inspiration, you all help me on my run.


Friday, September 21, 2007

Weekend long runs and mental fortitude:

This is going to be my longest weekend to date in my Marathon training program.
On Saturday I have to run 8, ok no big deal 8 is like an average medium run for me now, heck I ran 9 last night in the dark.
But the real run is on Sunday, this is the run that has been waking me up in the middle of the night. Just thinking of this run makes me sweaty any my stomach starts to knot up. This is the 18 miler! 18 miles will be the furthest I have ever run and I am starting to freak out. I’ve been doubting my running abilities and my great idea of running a marathon and just feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of running 26.2. What was I thinking? What if I fail and never finish the race, plus I’m sure everyone else is faster and more experienced. I am going to feel foolish when the gun goes off and everyone smokes me. Why did I sign up? It sounded so cool; yeah I was going to run a marathon. Just plain crazy talk.
Come on man snap out of it, this is an epic journey filled with highs and lows and I am just in a bit of a low, I can get past this little bump. I knew I was going to have lows, this was expected. I have to dig deep and get over my excuses; I know I can do this, this crazy thing, this thing that has been running (pun intended) my life for the last 11 weeks. 18 miles, that’s easy. I am going to kick its ass, 18 miles, Sunday is going to be a blast, I love running. Yeah, that’s right, I love running, I’ve been training hard, and my body has been getting stronger. What the hell was I worried about. It’s all coming back to me now, I LOVE RUNNING!

When I see you on the road, I’ll wave,

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Team Hoyt:

The best story ever told.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Week 11 of Chickamauga Marathon training.

Hard to believe I made it this far.
This week is my longest mileage week for the entire program, 44 miles.
So it works out like
Cross Monday
5 Tuesday
8 Wednesday
5 Thursday
Rest Friday
8 Saturday
18 Sunday

Yeah, Sunday is going to be fun, I need to find a new loop(s).

I am feeling much better this week, my cold is just about gone. That cold really slowed me down and running was the last thing on my mind, well that’s a lie, I thought about it a lot, and felt like a looser about not running. But that was last week, and it’s gone, and all I can do it take on day, one mile at a time.

New Swim Drills:

This might kill me:
ANAEROBIC SETS 1 set at a time
Reps x Distance Set Rest Between Reps
10 x 25 Sprints 15 - 25 secs on wall
20 x 25 Sprints 20 - 30 secs on wal
10 x 50 Sprints 20 - 45 secs on wall
10 x 25 Breath Sets 30 - 60 secs on wall
4 x 100 Every other lap - sprint 30 - 60 secs on wall
10 Animal Sets 0
10 x 25 Pulls - high intensity 15 - 45 secs on wall
10 x 25 Kicks - high intensity 15 - 45 secs on wall
Total 2400 Meters.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

40 Years, boy I had fun.

Today is my big 40!
I am going to run 8, shower and maybe nap, and go eat a very large steak and drink a Sam Adams.
Happy b-day to all.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Some photos from one of my long runs, a 14 miler.
The weather was nice for running but not so good for taking pictures.
It started to rain aroud the halfway point so the camera did not come out after that.

My run started out my front door, and I ran up to Tribble Mill Park, I hit some trails and ran back.
I had a blast, I found a quite trail just off the road and took it into the park, I had no idea where it when, I just took it. :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Week 10 of training for the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon:

Training this week has been hard, on Sunday night I started to get a soar throat, and by late morning Monday I was driving back home after leaving work sick. I stopped on the way home and got some Zicam, I purchased the ‘Oral Mist’ and have been taking it for two days now. I love the product and think it works well.
This has been a real bummer on my training, I have congestion in my head and lungs and the thought of running is exhausting. Last week I missed a few miles because of ankle pain, and as soon as I healed up from that now I’m sick, what a pain. On the bright side, I love the bright side, I have had time to heal up the mussels and the small aches and pains are gone. I missed my Tuesday run of 4 miles, and tonight I have a 8 miler, that’s going to kill me.
So my week is this:
Mon Cross / Nothing slept all day
Tue 4 miles / Nothing slept all day
Wed 8 miles / Short swim at lunch 1000 meters, and I hope I can run tonight.
Thu 4 miles
Fri Off
Sat 8 miles
Sun 17 miles.
For a weekly total of 41 miles.
Wish me luck, I am going to need it.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Ford IronMan Florida 70.3, "Tested, he will be." -Yoda

Alright, it been 24 hours and its starting to settle in, I am in for the ride of my life.
Wow, I am going to race Ford IronMan Florida 70.3, "Tested, he will be." -Yoda

Man I am psyched, when can I start, this is renewing my commitment to myself to rip life of its hinges. I’ve been busy, working, making money, paying the mortgage, raising kids (I love that job), head down with blinders on, I have spent much time not paying attention to life, shrouded in commitments. Well that’s all changing, sure I still have to pay the mortgage, and go to the office, and I am at peace with it, I love what I do for a living and I set up auto bill pay for the mortgage, but from now on, heads up blinders off.

I have about 250 days before my race, and I am trying to come up with a timeline.
Thinks on my list, not in any peculiar order:
Finnish my marathon
Rest up, I am going to need to be injury free before I start.
Find a plan.
Find a mentor.
Open water swim a bunch.
Buy a wetsuit (race water will be too warm), but I need it to train.
Nutrition, really get into it.
Become a morning person.
Drop another 15 lbs.
Spend as much time as I can with the family.

Last but not least:
Enjoy the journey, that what its all about.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

Florida 70.3 Half IronMan:

As I write this post my body is now coming back from a paralysis.
I clicked the go button on the signup form for Florida 70.3 Half IronMan, and I went numb.

1.2 miles swim
56.0 mile bike ride
13.1 mile run

More to come on this subject.

I am going to bed early.


Wish me luck....

Week 9 of Marathon Training:

This week is my light week of a three week set, using Hal Higdon's Intermediate Plan I. Luckily it’s my light week because my ankle has kept me from running…. A few weeks back I signed up for masters swimming, and for the last few days while I haven’t been running I have been doing swim drills. I think the swimming is harder that the running, I can’t wait to get back on the road. Actually, I’ve been feeling pretty darn good, and the time off (3 days) has allowed my to ankle to heal, as well as my legs, I am feeling strong and renewed. I will be running tonight, I missed a 4 and 5 miler, and I got a 4 to do tonight, so I might make it a 7 or not, I will have to see how I feel.

This weekend runs are 7 on Saturday and an 11 on Sunday, I think I am going to have to flip them because I am the On-Call this week and I have work to do this Sunday AM. After I am done on Sunday we are taking the kids to our local water park, this will be our last trip for the year as they close for the year after this weekend, so sad.

So let me know how your training is going, it's been a long hot summer, Im sure you have something to say.


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Week 8 of Chickamauga Marathon training is the books:

Well I did it, I am at the halfway point of my training for the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, 230 miles are in the logbook, and 330 to go!

In the coming weeks the miles are starting to creep up, the new few weeks are totaling 41, 44, 36, 43 and on and on, so my September and October are going to be some long months.

I am holding up reasonable well, although I do have some pain on my left foot. After this weeks long run (15) miles, my ankle started bothering me. I know that’s a big problem, but I think it will heal itself with some rest. The pain is coming from the Tibia / Talus area in the front of my foot. Because of the Labor Day holiday my Master Swimming was moved from Monday to Tuesday. So today I am going to swim tonight and taking today off from running to help rest my ankle. I just made it to the coffee pod and back, and my ankle feels better than it yesterday.

The weekend has been a little crazy, I ran 7 on Saturday and then we went to 6 flags, I ran 15 on Sunday then we went to Stone Mountain and walked allover, and then when I got home I mowed the lawn for 50 minutes, my body was hurting pretty bad. I have been neglecting the lawn and shrubs and I needed to spend some quality time with the lawn mower. I saw a post onetime that called the condition of my lawn “Triathletes Lawn”, guess I am not the only one with tall grass.

I am still thinking about signing up for 70.3 Florida, but I am still a little scared….

Next post(s):
I took a few pictures durring my long run and I want to post them up to share this sights.
I am swapping out my regular light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, you can read all about them at, please go to this site and read all about it. I am going to swap out a bunch tonight.

Low impact, on the body and the planet.