Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week 11 is in the books:

Wow, week 11 was tough, lots of miles and we had some real warm weather.

During my 18 mile run at mile 12 I came upon a fork in the road, I had 6 miles ahead or I could bail and take the short route 2 miles back home.

So far my run was long, hilly and hot, and I knew the remaining 6 was going to be hard on me, it was going to test my body and spirit. So many times I thought of taking the short route, the easy way, I wanted a cup of coffee; I wanted air conditioning and something to eat. This long and hilly run was starting to take its toll on me; I was getting weak both physically and mentally. It was getting harder to keep my previously cheerfully attitude, and I was certain I was going to fail.
But something happened, I came to the fork in the road, and I started to cross over in the direction of long, 6 more miles to go direction. I was confused, I though my mind and body had it worked it all out; all of us were going to take the short route home, get a cup of coffee and be done with the running thing. As I made the turn and started to think I’m going to get my 18 miles in, holy crap. Something great just happened, the mind is strong! My body was begging my mind to stop and go home, but thankfully my mind stayed its course and did not give in.

I ran 18 miles Sunday; this run may have broken down my body but it built-up my mind. Sure I’m a little sore and my Achilles tendon is/was a sore but my head is back on track.



Wes said...

Nicely done! Good thing is, and I keep telling myself the same, is that once those little beauties recover, they (the muscles) will be stronger than ever!!

Sarah said...

Awesome job!! Man, isn't that just the story of 'The Marathon'! Persevering when you really don't want to. I had my first season of training by myself as opposed to running with a group, and it really does test you mentally! It's really hard to get out there and push through it by yourself. Look at you go!!