Friday, October 12, 2007

There but for the grace of God go I:

You are born, you live your life and you die.
Not much you can do about the start or the end.
But the time between the bookends, this, my friends is up to you.

I’ve been reading a blog about a very young girl and she has cancer of the brain; she is under going treatment, but she is in bad shape. And for some reason (I’m human) I just can’t get over it.

Now I really don’t want to sound like I am preaching, but….
When I am feeling low, and like things aren’t going my way I kiss my kids and pray to God to help this poor child. It really puts thing in perspective.

I’ve never meet this young girl or her family, but as a parent, as a man I feel for this family. I can not even comment the fear they must be feeling and my prayers and thoughts are with them.

There but for the grace of God go I.

I’ve been a lazy self-centered man who only worried about things in my small, small world. But when I heard this story I could not sit idly by, how in this great day and age can this disease named cancer be causing such havoc in our sons, daughters, sisters, bothers, mothers and fathers. I know we have made great strides in research and treatment, but we can do more, I know we can.

This is not going to happen all by itself, we can not just think the government is going to do it for us. We the people of this fine planet are going to have to do it, and this means we all have to get involved. We all have jobs to do, some of use will do research, some of us will work with patents, some of use will do things that raise awareness and collect funds to pay for this research. Who can tell me that they do not know anyone who has had cancer; it has touched all of our lives. A cure, and preventative measure is out their, it only takes time and money, the time is the hard part; some of us do not have it, the money, that’s the easy part.

Please think about this young girl and her Mom, Dad and Brothers, keep them in your prayers, because of they need it.

Now this is how we can help out, I need you to get out your checkbooks and really get involved, it’s only money and you’ll make more, so be a hero.

In order to assist the Family with some of the growing medical expenses from Elli’s illness, the “Elli Ruth Benefit Fund” has been created in conjunction with Provident Bank.
Donations, payable to the “Elli Ruth Benefit Fund”, should be mailed to the following address:

Elli Ruth Benefit Fund
c/o John Wojtowicz
3297 St. George’s Ct.
Hampstead , MD 21074

I’m not a Scientist, and I ‘m not a Doctor, I’m just a regular guy, so my role in this battle is to raise awareness, money and pray for a cure.

Please donate.



Anonymous said...

I know her father. He was my Spanish teacher in high school, and he is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. I am not sure if you have heard or not but Elli did lose her battle on Tuesday. It is a very sad thing.

Anonymous said...

Elli's family was loved by everyone at her father's school(job). He was such an inspirational man, a man of great faith, wisdom, and such compassion for everyone around him. He'd do anything for his family. Much prayer has been happening for the Ruth family, by me, and many others, and will continue through this rough time. Elli was an amazing little girl, and now missed by many.

Praying for you daily,
~ Student at WSTES