Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Florida IronMan 70.3 training

Ok, here it is, next Monday is the official start to my Florida IronMan 70.3 training!
I had been searching for plans all off season and the one that fits me best can be found on Tri Newbies http://www.trinewbies.com/tno_HIM.asp.
It starts out like most plans, starting out slow, building endurance and over time ramping up to race mileage. The first few weeks are real easy and I thought I was way above the effort, but if I can take the early weeks and really focus on form I know I will be better for it. This plan has some room in that will allow me to strength train, last year I saw this as a place where I could improve. So that my plan, and I am going to stick to it!

Post holidays I have been swim focused and I’m having a blast. I’ve been taking it easy swimming 1000 meters at lunch doing drills, 300 warm, 5 100, 200 cool, nothing too hard, just really working on form. Much of my bike has been on the trainer, nothing too hard, just getting used to the new bike, and trying to keep my legs. I started lifting a few weeks back, just working on the basics taking it slow working up on the sets and reps. It’s too early in the year to wear something out, just trying to tune up a bit. Running has been my weakness and I need to get back out on the road, I really miss it. I got a few extra lbs left over from the holidays that I need to work off, lbs that I earned.
I’ve had fun this off season, I really got to spend some time with the family and just hangout.

Now my new season is starting, I am working on my goals, my race schedule and my family. I am excited about what lies ahead of me, I am going to race an half IronMan, who would have thought it. A few years ago I was a pack a day smoker who was as on a crash course, and now I’m going to race 70.3 miles.

I am going to share a few goals, in no particular order:
Race a Half Ironman.
Volunteer at an event.
Turn off the TV for me and the family.
Say thank you to all race volunteers.
Take walks with my wife and hold her hand.
Get two other people into our sport.
Volunteer on earth day.
Recycle more.
Take time off when I need it.
Use sunscreen more.
Open water swim more.
Learn Yoga.
Join a TRI club.
Sign up for IronMan ??? 2009? (Be brave now)

And number one is spend as much time with the family has I can.



Wes said...

Great goals, and congrats on coming so far. Doing the HIM ith you will be awesome :-) I'm going to scout out some hotel locations when I am down at Disney this weekend. I don't want to stay on the grounds for the HIM.

When you get your wetsuit, we can set up a regularly scheduled open water swim. That would be awesome. Maybe do one or two a month(??) together. Heck, maybe even every week? We could trade off traveling out to each other's favorite location.

Lemme know what ya think...

runron said...


You're doing great man. I wish I had such lofty goals. But you forgot something on your list.... Eat more mangos...

Always good to hear from you.


Trigirl 330 said...

It's great to hear your enthusiasm for your training! I'm getting ready for FL 70.3 as well, and I'm not sure what to expect from an early season Half IM. It will be fun to race in Disney World no doubt.

I saw your post a few months ago about your new Felt B12. I'm in the market for a triathlon bike and have narrowed it down to the 2008 B12 and the 2008 Cervelo P2C Ultegra. I have read many rave reviews about the P2C but yours was the only review I came across for the B12. Unfortunately, none of the dealers in my region have either one in stock in my size (52/51), so I'm going to have to make the decision before testing riding. I did have a pro fitting and know that either bike will theoretically work for me, so I am just trying to find the best bang for my buck. With a discount on the Felt from my Tri Club, they will come in around the same price. What made you go with the Felt? Do you have any thoughts on Cervelo?

I'd really appreciate any thoughts you have on my quest for a new time machine!

Thanks and have fun with your training!

Brian said...

Hey TriGirl,

I do love the Cervelo p2c, and I think that if you bought either one you getting a great bike. I think the P2C gets lots of press because they have been making it for many years, where the Felt, especially the B12 is rather new. I like the felt for many reasons but most immortally it’s the frame, it’s the best on the marked for the money you spend.
I purchased mine from www.GoTriSports.com, I was able to get the bike, club tri shorts and a Sigma wireless computer with cadence for $2450. This was an amazing price and now other shop could match it, contact them and ask for Alfred and tell him to give you the deal.

Hope this helps.


Trigirl 330 said...

Thanks, Brian.
After some further research and testing out the Cervelo geometry on a size cycle, I've decided to go with the Felt! I think I'm going to order it from a local shop as I'll get a great discount and a few other perks since I did my sizing with them. Thanks for your feedback. Insight from someone who knows something about bikes gives me a bit more confidence in this purchase.
Keep up the blog and good luck on your training and Florida 70.3!

Brian said...

TriGirl 330,

Good news about the bike.
I really love mine, and I know you will too.
You will have to let me know when you get yours.