Monday, March 10, 2008

Week 9 of 70.3 training:

Ok, here we go boys and girls, week 9. This is the week when I go from 9 workouts per week to 12 workouts per week.







(#6) 1250 yds. a.m

25 miles p.m.



(#12) 2000 yds. a.m


60 min p.m



30 miles p.m.



(#8) 1500 yds. a.m


50 min p.m



20 miles p.m.



(choice) 1000 yds.


80 min p.m



50 miles a.m.

75 min walk p.m





On top of this I need to run off the bike, I'm thinking I keep to 1 or 2 miles for my weekday rides and 30 minutes or more on the long weekend rides.

Timing is everything, the clocks got moved and my PM rides should be outside in the sun!

Ok, I'll update throughout the week.




Wes said...

I admit it. I opted not to execute that plan cause 4 times a week was just too much for me. After you get done with that training plan, you are going to kick Florida 70.3's a-s-s :-)

Doc26.2 said...

Wow reading the last couple posts is making me jealous. Sounds like things are going great.

See you at the ING

Anonymous said...

Brian, you in Macon, GA? Me too. I'm wanting to cross train and prepare for the sprint tri at Tobesofkee at the end of May. I tried to swim in Tobesofkee last week, WAY TO COLD! Where do you swim in Macon (if you are in Macon). Thx, Tom

Brian said...


I don't live in Macon, I'm in Gwinnett county, although I did race the Rock 'n Rollman last year, good race.
The lake water was cool that day, and I do not own a wetsuit and I did fine, waiting on the beach for my wave was cold.
Good race, I'm on the fence about doing it this year because two prior I'm racning 70.3 Florida.

If you're going to swim outside, please buy a wetsuit and don't swim alone.

Good luck with your race.

And hey, start a blog so I can check your efforts out, it's free!


TJ said...

Looks like a great week.
Have fun!