Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Going strong:

Wednesday update,

Today was a good day, I did a swim workout at lunch, 300 warm up, 16x50s (all out speed) 20 sec wall time and a 150 cool down for 1250m.

Tonight was a bike on the trainer for 01:12 for 25 miles, just a steady ride, working on breathing and keeping my HR low (131 avg.), followed up with a 1 mile off the bike run at tempo pace.

So I'm starting to feel real good about my training and need to get psyched up for next week I jump from 9 weekly workouts to 12!

Like most training programs you start out light and a little disjointed and start building and over time some of the dots start getting connected, for me this was the week. My body and mind are getting stronger, I'm getting good sleep and my food habit is now all about choosing good whole things.

Bike talk, for the last two days I've been running off the bike and my legs feel like a million bucks. Take this for what it is, I'm on a trainer ridding a steady but strong 20 mph speed, no hills and no wind, but when I jumped off and ran and I didn't have heavy legs WOW, I just felt great, and I owe it to my training and the Felt b12, I love this bike.

Train strong,


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Wes said...

Fun stuff :-) Lemme know if you are on for Sunday...