Friday, March 7, 2008

2.1 k in the pool:

I forgot to post yesterday; I must have been a little dizzy sill from my pool workout.

I hit the pool for my longest straight out swim ever, 2100 meters. I had a run scheduled but as I was getting changed I noticed I didn't have my running shoes. I had packed my shoes the night before, but when I got of my bike that night, I pulled them from my car so I could run off the bike and forgot to repack them. So the best sounding option was to swim.

This is a good time of year for the pool, not too many swimmers, mostly people doing PT. So I had my own lane and the water was good and flat and I was feeling pretty good. I got in and started out, I wanted to swim this complete without stopping. So I started off slow and after my typical 300m warm up I started to feel loose, the first few 100 I'm tight and I don't reach my form. So I started out for my first 1000m, doing fine, clicking my watch on the 100m so I would have a record, 1k in 18:23, good I thought, then I clicked the wrong button on my watch and my workout was saved and I had to start another workout. See I got the new watch a Polar RS100, I will review sometime soon. I felt bad and I had to stop swimming for approx 20 seconds until I could reset my watch, dam you watch. So then I set off on my next 1000m, I was still feeling fine, I was swimming about 1:40 – 1:45 and real happy with my time. At points I would work less on mussels and more on technique and try to learn to maximize my speed and conserve energy. The rest of the workout when fine, I started to feel a little tired in the last 200m, but I finished the last 1100 strong and felt good about missing my run.

Next up, a 50 minute run today @ lunch if I can, 70 minute run Saturday and a 35 mile bike Sunday.


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