Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thyroid results are in:

Just opened the lab report from my last thyroid test, and just as I suspected I'm real low.

Thyroid can be measured from 3 chems T3 I'm 2.5 normal is 4.6-12, T4 I'm 56 normal is 59 – 174 and TSH I'm 11.56 normal is .34 to 5.6.

The TSH for me is the big indicator; your pituitary gland creates the TSH to call to your thyroid to create more T3 and T4.

Just about a week ago I called over to my doctors office begging for something, I felt real low, so low that training had become real work and all I wanted to do is sleep.

Not sure if one week is enough, but I'm still feel a little low, and I can feel it in my muscles, I've never gotten a Charlie horse but, but now I've had a few, and lots of shin splints. Who would of thought it was going to be so bad, not me.

My issue now is the ING half mary, I got to run this thing and I will, but I have to say my ambitions of running this thing as a bull has been set adrift and now I just want to complete it and stay strong.

I know thing are now going to in the right direction and just in time to finish my 70.3 Florida training.

I really haven't missed too much, I've just been tired and wow I gained about 10lbs in 3-4 week, crazy stuff.

Ok, enough, I hope this is my last downer of a post. It's not really a downer because the hard part is over, right? Yes it is, come on 70.3!

Train smart, train strong,



Wes said...

Keep everything in perspective bro! I know you are worried about this thyroid thing, and rightly so. You just turned in your biggest training sessions ever! Being tired, eating like a horse, soreness and cramps are...normal.

Keep us up to date on how your treatment is going. We know you'll do your best. 70.3 is around the corner. There's no time to ponder. We are chasing our dreams...

Rundoodle said...

Sorry to hear that you're energy has been low - that's tough. I hope for you that you'll feel rested and fresh on Sunday!

Richard said...

I'll be cheering for you out there on Sunday, I will be running with you. Literally;)

Doc26.2 said...

Good luck at the ING. I will be there too, starting in Corral 5. I'm really looking forward to the race, but honestly am not sure how I will do. Hope the hard rain will hold off.

So about the thyroid: going on replacement?