Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Week 10 of 70.3 Training:

This is it the biggest week yet, and I'm a little bummed because something has to go.

We are going to Spend Easter at my Dads house; we are going to my Dads in South Carolina on Saturday day after the kids play their soccer games.

Looks like I'm taking Sunday off, not really a big deal, I mean come on, its Easter.

That said I have Friday off, so I think I'm going to do my long ride on Friday, and my long run on Saturday morning before soccer, then I'll let the wife drive us out.

Next week is the Georgia ING Marathon, which I will be running the HALF, I'm not completely sure if I'm going to taper at all. It might be good training to have a big ride on Saturday and then race ING on Sunday. I have to really think it over, I would like the training, but I don't want to risk any injuries, going to have to sleep on that one.

So here's my week, Monday is in the books. I followed last night's 25 mile trainer ride with a fast one mile off the bike run. I could really feel that run, wow.

The swims are getting good, and I've got to hit all my runs, especially with the ING half next weekend.



(#9) 1500 yds. a.m

25 miles p.m.


(#14) 2250 yds. a.m

60 min p.m


35 miles p.m.


(#11) 1750 yds. a.m

50 min p.m


20 miles p.m.


(choice) 1000 yds.

90 min a.m


55 miles a.m.

75 min walk p.m


Wish me luck.

To you all, train smart, train strong,


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Wes said...

Excellent choices. Hit the key workouts and try to work the other ones in if you can.

As far as ING goes, you need to decide if its a race or a training run with 15000 of your friends :-) If its the later, than I wouldn't taper.

Have a safe trip to SC for Easter. Hope you and your extended family has a good get together.

(P.S. Water temp is 52 degrees and holding steady this week. Brrrr :-)