Sunday, March 30, 2008

ING Half Marathon my race report:

ING Half Marathon today.

Cold run, but the rain stopped just in time.

My alarm went off at 04:30 and I could still hear the rain.

I got up, cleaned up and dressed. I wore two short sleeved tech shirts under a long sleeved tech shirt and a light windbreaker, and shorts under loose tights and my newish Mizuno's, not sure what I was going to run in, but at least it had it.

I use Body Glide on my longer runs on my feet, and I thought it would be a good idea to do the sides of my heels, wrong, while walking my socks where falling down and getting sucked into my shoes. After some playing around I was able to rub it off and get my socks to stay, but I was real worried, 13.1 without socks.

Out the door and to the train station, I got in without any issues, lots of other runners on the train.

Got to the start and it was dark, wet, cold and crazy.

I found the bag check station and it was a real long line, and it was cold to I kept it all.

I would suggest more lights, and better direction, it would of been nice if someone was telling people where the corals where. That kind of stuff, all in all they did a good job, 20k runners, its a big job.

We when off and I as soon as I crossed the starting line walkers were blocking 3,4,5 wide, not cool, please walkers, I am truly glad to have you out with me, but come on folks, please understand some of us are here to run (or what I call running), and make a whole.
Just like the last few weeks, I got some real lower leg splints and it hurt, real bad. I had to walk them off, or risk them all day. Slowly they were getting better, but I was feeling like a loser, walking 9 minutes into it. I had to walk them off, I would run for about 5 minutes and have to walk for about 5 minutes. This continued for almost 40 minutes.

Once I got past my issues I was able to run it out.

Quick comment about the people around me at 40 minutes, and about 2.5 miles into it. People were walking, and lots of them, and they were there for a reason, many of them walking for someone else.

I saw a woman with the pictures of two very your children on the back of her shirt, I wanted to ask, but I don't think I could of taken the answer.

Many with the same stories.

Lots of support, it was a special crowd.

At this point I got my legs and I had to go.

I'm calling this the middle section of my run.

I felt fine, I was finally running and I was smiling.
After about two miles if running I was feeling fine and started to make up a little time.
I was passing people left and right, granted a lot of these runners were slower them me, even if I didn't have to slow down for shin splints.

But it's fun to pass people.

I would get on a stretch where I could see 500 meters and say 'I'm going to pass 20 people' and I would and more, I did this much of my last 5 miles.

I ran everything, hills, come on, I was running hard up them, runners where dropping like flies. I took corners fast, leaning into them, and passing people.

At about mile 12, quite a few people were walking, I couldn't believe it, 1 mile to go, come on folks, dig deep.

I would say this was a pretty hilly course, lots of ups and downs, and some good size, and I know it was cold but 1 miles left ya got to turn it up.

I finished strong, and I would have to say, I finished about as strong as I ever had.

In the last 1/4 mile I passed 30 people that just didn't have it.

That's my story.

Run strong,


Shameless plug, but I love GU, I was taking Espresso Love and Lemon Sublime.

I also got to meet up with a young old friend from Middleboro Ma, who ran the Full Marathon who just killed her goal time.


Richard said...

Good run, and man was it cold! The wind after the race was BRUTAL.

Doc26.2 said...

Congrats on the strong run. Having never done a half before I must say I'm really stoked and ready to get onto training for the Chicago (full) Marathon next fall (once my legs will comply again).

Noah Duke said...

Sounds like a great run! I just wish I brought gloves this morning!

Brian said...

It was cold, and I wore my full finger mesh mt bike gloves, its all I could find, and I'm luck I had them.

Last year hot, this year cold, next year?

Congrats to all!


Wes said...

Awesome job, Brian! You sounded strong in the entire race (besides the short episode with the shin splints). I woke up that morning and heard the wind, and I just said, "Damn". What a pain :-)

Get back to me when ever you want about this weekend. I'm trying to get Dee Dee a fitting appointment and there is the slightest possibility my bike won't be out of the shop, but if that's the case, I'll just ride my hybrid. You are recovering, right? So 16-17 mph for 50 would be good :-D

Congrats again on a great training race!!!