Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Week 9 midweek update:

Oh it's Wednesday already, the weather is cooperating and I'm feeling fine.

Monday after my swim I thought I was coming down with the flu, I'm happy to say it wasn't my time, but I still caught something. So I headed home and tried to sleep it off, and needless to say I missed my 25 mile ride.

Tuesday, I swapped my swim workouts because I just wasn't feeling 100% and I didn't do the drills I just swam it straight out. The kids have Dance on Tuesdays one has it early and the other late, while I take care of one the other goes with my wife, and it went long so my run went sort. I blasted to the gym (closes at 10:00pm) ASAP at got on a tread just about 09:10 pm, feeling a little bummed about trying to squeeze a 50 minute run in 40 minutes. I got in the tread warmed up for 5 minutes, restarted it and got up to speed, feeling the pressure of -10 minutes I ramped up my speed about a full minute faster than my normal, after all in order to run faster you just have to run faster. I was able to hold my new speed for 2 miles and then had to back it down because I feared I would blow something up. Post workout I was feeling really good, but for all that's good in this world I could not get to sleep, and when I did I don't think it was that high quality stuff I like so much.

Wednesday, still a little sleepy I got to work and hit the coffee pot, (we brew Seattle's Best, Henrys) so a little goes a long way. I got to the pool at noon and swam my 2k, I did do the drills, I just swam it straight and felt pretty good about it. I broke it down to swimming 20 100m, so I would swim the 100 and click my watch, in the end I swim 2000m in 39 minutes, not too shabby for my standards. Post workout I got to the office, ate my turkey sandwich and a bag of Cape Cod cheddar jalapeño (this is a habit I can't seem to break) , I was tired but I my mind was real clear and I did some of my best work. I got home on time and grabbed my bike, the wife (good gal) had the kids at soccer practice, so I road for 28 miles and averaged 19.40 mph, (holy $hit) 19.40, this is new, where did this come from? Must be that bike, I was able to spend more time in the aero position, I would say I was aero about 20% of the time. I was monkeying around with the seat tilt and I think I'm off a little because riding aero was a little uncomfortable. Maybe that's how I found that new speed… Post ride my legs were a little toasty but I felt the need to run off the bike, so I ran inside and changed my sorts (sore from the seat tilt) chugged a little water and ran my one mile. I had posted earlier about how good I was feeling running off the bike, well today I didn't have that same feeling, my legs were a little too pumped and contraction was little limited. I got my mile in about the same time as usual so I felt ok, I felt like this was more like a race scenario and that's what's it all about.

Tomorrow, how knows, but I would like to run at lunchtime, and take the evening off and do something with the family, I've been asking a lot lately and I need to show my appreciation.

So that's my week so far.

My advice to you all get you're training in, but down forget to pay karma bills.




Wes said...

Killer workouts, Brian! I don't know that I would ramp up the speed to make up for lost time, especially if your are not feeling well!! There are key workouts on your plan, and everything else can be sacrificed if necessary!

Keep the family balanced! It isn't all about us, is it?

teacherwoman said...

Just stopping by.... via the Wes-mister.

Sounds like you weren't the only one feeling a bit under the weather this past week. Take care of yourself!