Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Florida 70.3 training halfway point

I needed so swap Monday for Tuesday, so tonight I rode the trainer.
What seemed like an effort 3 weeks ago now seemed like a rest, I rode for an hour averaging 20 miles per hour. The last two weekends had longer 45 mile rides with lots of hills, so heck ride only an hour on the flats, no problem. I felt so good, I hopped off the bike grabbed my running shoes and blasted for a 1 mile run and it felt so good.

Barring time constraints I’m going to brick of the bike every time.







(#2) 1000 yds. a.m

20 miles p.m.


(#4) 1250 yds. a.m

50 min p.m


25 miles p.m.


(#5) 1250 yds. a.m

35 min p.m



70 min a.m


35 miles a.m.

This is the halfway point in my 70.3 FLA training, hard to believe it's here.

I've got a little over 2 months of training left and I am feeling good. The weather is starting get better so long runs and long rides are going to be a lot more fun.

I'm looking forward to getting my wetsuit and starting to get some open water swims in, the pool work is going fine, but it's the open water that need the help in. I want to rip that swim, I want to keep with the mid packers and cruise this swim, I want to have a good time, not the typical panic and exhaustion.

My bike is spot-on for my training Sunday was a 45 miler with lots of long grades and some rolling hills, and I managed to average 17.7 mph. Now my goals for 70.3 FLA are 19 MPH, but for only bike training for 2 months or so I am feeling good about my progress. I will be on the bike trainer tonight for about an hour J

Running is where I need to start getting faster; I have been running a real hilly 6 mile loop around my neighborhood and I've been averaging on 11:30-12:00. I think I've been so worried about the swim and bike that I have been neglecting the run, but that's all changing this week. I have the Georgia ING half mary at the end of the month and I would like to finish in 2:25 or less, that sounds so slow, I might have to revisit this goal as I get closer. So this weekend I am going to watch what I'm putting in my mouth, (going to be hard because the Girl Scout cookies just showed up), and I've going to run, run and run some more.

Train Strong,


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Wes said...

Yea, I was going to say that if you were half way, you are going to come up a leeeetle short on your training plan!

One of the things I have a hard time remembering is whether we like it or not, this is still a very much base season for us. All distances are new. Let's focus on crossing the line first, speed second.

Looking forward to some rides and swims with ya! Woo hoo!!