Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hills, hills and more hills:

I find it truly amazing what the body can do if your mind will let it, and today I had a good mind / body day. The day started a little on the cool side, and the streets were still a little wet from last night’s rain (hallelujah we got rain). I could see the trees out front swaying with the wind, and I knew it was going to be a hell of a ride, and I was right. I headed out and thing seemed real easy, on a couple of the hill I road many times seemed much smaller, and I was getting a little full of myself, BLAM. I have a real knack, no a gift for finding the hilliest routes and today’s was some of my best work. At about mile 6 I was feeling good, fully warmed up and ready for action, well, until I turned the corner and then I saw it, Mt Grayson, LOL. I knew in the back of my mind that I had to take the hill easy or risk explosions, and so early in the ride I took it as slow as I could. After paying the gravity bill I got my reward and flew like a bird, the roads we still a little wet so I had to hit the brakes (just a little) or risk death. For the next 20 miles it was big hill after big hill. I was getting my a$$ handed to me, by mile 30 I had to stop off for Rolaids, Liquid, I ate a banana and drank what I could hold and then I was off. Still plenty of hills but not as tall as the first set, and by mile 40 the grim reaper had descended upon me and I was toast. At this point my wife called and asked if I was ever coming home, the kids wanted to see a movie and then go to dinner. Wow did that sound good, get home, shower up sit in the dark movie theater for 2 hours and rest up for dinner (I feel the need for Steak). Oh did mention the strong headwinds and the hills really wore me down. I had seven mile left on my ride and I was in a bad way, I pulled out my trump card, a Espresso Love GU with 2x caffeine, and killed what was left in my bottle. And within 15 minutes I was feeling better, I was still toast, but I had a smile on my face, and the closer to home I got the bigger it got. I made it home and hugged the family, I was told I smelled bad (I’ve got girls) and I needed to shower. I popped to Advil had a tall glass of mike and the rest is history.

Would a flat course of been a better ride, sure, but I’m training, and it’s the hills that are going to make me a stronger cyclist. Do I recommend this route? Only if you have masochistic tendencies or you’re a triathlete (maybe one in the same). All kidding aside, if you’re training and want to get stronger ride hills.

What a ride, I cranked 47 miles in 2:55 for an average mpg of 16.13, and boy was I tired.

Ok, folks I’ve got to get to bed, tomorrow is another day, and I’m sure it has hills.

If I see ya on the road I’ll wave.


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Wes said...

Brother, I feel your pain! The best I could do today was 14.2 mph for 1:04:05... LOL... I'm ready to pass out!!! You'll like the Silver Comet when we get you out there. When I did the 50 miler last year, it had 400 feet of elevation change :-)