Monday, February 11, 2008

Folks, life is good:

OK I’m back.

My computer’s hard drive failed and it took some time to get it repaired.

Training has been going fine, I’ve resisted the urge to increase the do something crazy. That’s my MO I do crazy stuff all the time, the way I figure it, if a little is good a lot must be great.

With my years I am starting to get wiser or slower, not sure which one it is, but I am putting more thought into my actions, yeah it’s premeditated. Sometimes, and I mean sometimes I follow the advice of others and if it works out and I figure I’m getting wiser.

My riding is getting stronger, I went for an after work ride today (it was 65 degrees out) and I my average speed was up one full mile per hour. I did the quick math and that’s at least 9 or 10 minutes of an HIM bike split! In a few more weeks I will be attempting to ride into the office, it’s roughly 23 miles each way. I’ve been trying to work out the logistics of proper apparel (shorts and sweaty jersey doesn’t cut it), I think I can drive in with set of work clothes and leave my ditty bag and I should be good. My goal is to ride in twice a week for a quick 100 miles a week! I am thinking of the gasoline I am going to save, almost 4 gallons, this way Soccer Moms driving their Hummers can drive another 6 miles.

Swimming is coming along nicely, I’ve been swimming at lunch and I can see the results.

My running is also coming along, but I think I am not in complete zen like balance.

I get so freaked out on the swim that I am putting a lot of time in the pool and I think my running is suffering. I know I can push my bike and walk on my hands and knees but if I can swim I’m dead. That’s my quandary, what do I need to do to increase my fitness, and what do I have to do to satisfy my head.

Folks, life is good, please take advantage of it, because you only get one chance.

No regrets.

Leave nothing.

I know, that’s a little cliché, but I believe it.

See ya on the road,


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Wes said...

Stick with the plan, bro! You'll be fine. That's pretty funny about the bike commute thing. I am exactly 21 miles from home. I'm thinking about commuting once a week, like on Monday's maybe. Just not sure that I'm brave enough yet :-)