Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Week 13, wow, time is ticking down.

So it's week of my 70.3 Florida training program, and the base period is now over and now it's the quality phase.

I'm feeling burnt, and I am going to need a second wind to get this "quality phase" going.

Besides my workouts, I've been doing battle with the lawn and landscaping.

All bushes have been trimmed and planning beds have been raked out and I have mowed the grass down to about an inch of its life.

I have a lawn of Bermuda grass, in the fall most of what's above ground dies off, and you left with some nasty looking brown stuff.

The best thing to do is to cut the lawn as short as you can, this way all the dead stuff is gone and when the green grass comes it looks like carpet.

So the last few nights I've been just about roto-tilling the lawn, but now I'm ready to go.

I did my weekly long swim today at lunch 2650, sets of 5x500, plus 150 because I can't count.

Work has been busy and yesterday I didn't make it to the pool so today had to count, and it felt good, 2650 in 49:06, I felt good with the time, considering I felt like a 6 out of 10 in the AM.

Tonight is a run at the gym, I've been fighting the lower leg splints and Saturday running on the tread felt pretty good, so I am going to hit the tread and boost up the speed if I can.

Last Sunday I got to ride with Wes on the Silver Comet Trial and I had a blast, thanks Wes.

I had never ridden with Wes and I knew he was a good rider but this guy hammers! I think he stayed in aero 100% of the time and just rocked the tempo, a few times I thought we were going to hit light speed, but we just never did.

If Wes ever asks you out for a ride be fair warned J

I'm kidding Wes was the perfect host, never pushing it too hard without checking with me.

So thanks to the intro to the Silver Comet Wes and nice bike.

I almost forgot to add, I got me meet Dee Dee and do a little ride before Wes commenced the butt kicking, so Hey Dee Dee!

Ok, so here is my week, I took Monday as an off day, because my lawn and I both needed it.

Speedwork/Quality Phase






(#8) 1500 yds. a.m

30 miles p.m.



(#15) 2500 yds. a.m

Quality Day


Quality Day


Quality Day a.m.

60 min p.m


20 miles p.m.


(choice) 1000 yds. p.m

90 min a.m


50 miles a.m.

60 min. walk p.m

Train Smart Train Strong,


1 comment:

Wes said...

After trashing my legs on Sunday, I would suggest you make sure you stick to the planned pace (what ever that is), and make sure you can keep your training strong!! It won't do any good to go faster if you can't train the next couple of days...

If the sun stays out today, I'm committed to getting in the freezing ass cold lake, and I got back to back three hour rides the next two weekends, so lemme know if you think our schedule will synch up.

T-39 and counting :-)