Tuesday, April 22, 2008

14 Down 4 to go:

Well, it’s getting close to the end and I am having the normal mixed emotions.
On one hand I’m feeling the best I ever have, strong and skilled.
And on the other, I know I’ve missed a few workouts.
With all the issues I’ve had with my Thyroid and related weight gain, and now weight drop, hard work and God knows I’m lucky, I’m feeling like I’m going to be ok.

This week is a struggle, we have house guests from out of town and getting in a big week is going to be hard.
I know I’m not going to be able to get everything in, so my plan is to get quality over quantity.

Also this Friday I have my “Relay for Life” event so Saturday is going to be a long hard day and I know I’ll have to take it easy.

Sunday is going to have to be my big day, I have to check with the family and hope for good weather, but I’d like to do a 3+ hour bike with a 1+ hour run, then a 2+ hour nap :)

Next week is really my last big week and then I start a two week taper.
So next week has to be a strong week.

Train strong, train smart,



Wes said...

Better than OK, bro! You are going to kick some ass. I've got a mixed week next week where I need to do some recovery work and some maintenance, and after that I have a two week taper as well. Let's make sure we get together during taper for our ride and possibly an open water swim!

Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Aaahhhhhh house guests and training, can never be a fun thing together, huh? LOL

teacherwoman said...

I hope Relay for Life went well. You workout for tomorrow sounds intense... and a 2 hour nap will probably be necessary! :)