Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good swim:

I swam 2600 in 50:00 without stopping.

That's a bit of a lie I had to stop once and clear my goggles, I had a little leakage. Felt good, I think it was a good pace and I was able to swim the second half faster then the first, and the last 1/4 the fastest of all.
Next time, if I have the time, would be to warm up, then hit the water fast and rip 500 meters real fast like a start, then settle in for 1000 and then finish with 500 strong.

Things to work on would be sighting, on breath just pop out and look.

Train strong, train smart,



Wes said...

You can also do some reps of 300 intervals where you do the first 100 all out and the other 200 at race pace. I did much better this year than last year. Thought I was gonna drown last year :-)

Nice swim, bro? Are you in my age group? If so, I wanna draft off you at Florida 70.3 :-D I'll buy you a beer ;-)

Kevin said...

Leakage is never good thing...Sounds like you had a good strong swim. It sounds like you will be well prepared for your race

Sam said...

Great swim. I got a good tip recently on keeping your goggles clear - rub them with baby shampoo (just dab on your finger) and then rinse them. I do it now before I swim and it works like a charm.

Sam said...

I wish I could find a tri team in our neck of the woods. The tri team I'm on is Team in Training (TNT) and that will end when I complete my race. They train people for Triathlons and Marathons in exchange for raising money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

I think you and Wes would leave me in the dust real quickly if we rode together but will be looking for rides after next week.

I have a friend in Grayson that rides every Sunday. Here's a link http://unislibris.com/. I have told him that I may start coming out after my race next week.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the swim! Wahoo! :)