Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good day:

I've been concerned about my swim @ 70.3 Florida, and how I thought I was going to do.
I know I can do the distance, I've done it many times in the pool, but the open water still play mind tricks on me. So this weekend I am going to do an open water swim and try to workout any issues I have before the race.

Sleep, One of my little ones got into bed with us last night, and I just don't sleep as well. On top of that around 4am start coughing and started breaking up everything in my lungs and etc, so one little cough got me out of bed and hacking for about 30 minutes. So my sleep was disrupted and I'm a little cranky. LOL.

I had a good lunchtime swim at Johnson Park I swam 2600m straight , felt tired getting in, after 500 started feeling better, my time was 48:47 for 26:00, or somewhere around 1:53 / 100m.

Tonight's workout is a run, not sure how I'll feel but I would like to get in 90 minutes.

Train smart and finish strong,



Wes said...

Yea, I slept like crap last night too! Hope you are recovering well. Getting all that crap out of your lungs will help!

Kevin said...

Its great to hear you are feeling better. I may try to meet you and wes out at Dallas Landing on Sun

Marcy said...

Uggghhh I hate when they (the little ones) do that LOL. You always end up getting a nice foot in the face or a punch while you're in deep sleep.