Thursday, May 1, 2008

April 08 is in the books:

I started catching up on a few blogs, namely Wes and Kevin, and I saw that they were posting up number their number for April.

I like this, public record, keep me honest post, so here goes.

So my recap for April, the way I recollect it:

The big thing for me way my thyroid levels, I have had a little up and down with it, I was real low for awhile and it was hard to get going. Not that its 100% the fault of my low thyroid but I gained weight during March and the first half April. Add the increased volume of training and the fact that my thyroid was too low, I could add 3 lbs a week, and I just could not control it.

The last part of the Month we had out of town guests come for a week, good times. I did have to cut back on my training because I wanted to spend time with them and enjoy catching up. We spent much of the time dining out, and eating a little on the rich side, see my friends love steak (me too), and there on vacation so what the hell. With the cut back on the training and increased steak intake I've put on 2 lbs and it took me a week to get back to even.

I caught a cold, yup, didn't think I could at this late date, but I got one, and it knocked me down for a few days. It cost me a few key training sessions, but at the same time I was able to recover, so I like to look at it as a bye week.

I learnt a lot about stretching and what things I can do to speed recovery.

My Run, I finished my half mary on March 30, the Georgia ING, had a good race, but I was a little run spent afterwards. I've been fighting shin splints; so I've been stretching and trying to run on a treadmill when I can and keep things light. My running has been very lax, and I need to be a little more run focuses.

My bike was good, I had a couple of long rides and I feel like I'm starting the get some legs. Missing a long ride killed my numbers, but you got to do what you've got to do, and that's keeping balance in the house.

My swim, I can say I feel pretty good about the swim numbers. A few of my planned workouts got changed from drills to just straight swims; I did not have the energy to do a lot of the drills.

This month I got to swim 2.5k straight a few times and It really makes me feel good about myself and raises my confidence levels for the 1.2 mile OWS I've got coming.

So in recap, I need to thank the wife and kids, they have been very understanding of my quest to be a half ironman.

Bike: 13h 18m 26s - 255.5 Mi
Run: 11h 46m 21s - 54 Mi
Swim: 6h 32m 18s - 21300 M or 13.23 Miles

Train smart and finish strong,



Wes said...

Great numbers bro! We are still learning so much about our bodies. You are going to learn to keep this thyroid thing under control. In the mean time, you'll be kickin ass :-)

Kevin said...

Its great to hear you are feeling better. You still managed to put some impressive numbers in. Keep it up

Sam said...

Great numbers! Where do you find the time to put in that kind of effort? Keep it up.

Marcy said...

Those are some pretty sweet digits there! Nice job ;D ;D

teacherwoman said...

Your numbers look pretty darn good! :)

Brian said...

Thanks for the great comments everyone, I've been checking out your blogs and your number are looking pretty terrific as well.

Good luck to us all!


Mendy said...

You should be proud of those numbers! Very impressive! After seeing so many of you high on the bike miles, I realize I gotta get more time on the bike.

As far as the wetsuit goes. I like it so far, but have only been in it once, and not even in the water. Sunday, I'm swimming in it, so I'll let everyone know how it goes.

Sarah said...

You are sooo gonna get there, I know it. Just stick to it and put in the time (I need to take my own advice ;)