Friday, May 23, 2008

Back to business:

OK the 'A' race is over and I had a blast, but it's time to start picking out the rest of the season.

I've been trying to feel out the wife to see that her pain threshold might be for my race and training schedule to come. So for now I am going to pick one race per month and make a calendar where I can pin it up in the house so that there will be no surprises.

So what I do I think I want to do for distances and events? Well I think I would like to do some Olympics, I think that I might be suited to this distance for a number of reasons.

  • Training, I think for the next 6 weeks or so I can keep training hard and still have plenty of time for the family vacations and obligations.
  • Distance, I know I could race next weekend and not have to taper down or spend too much time recovering.
  • Day trips, The Olympic events are more popular that half iron races and I should be able to find a few that are close to home.
  • Cost, 70.3 Florida was an 'A' race on my wallet, and with summer here my wallet needed to recover.

Events that might work for me:

  • June 14, 2008 -Olympic- The West Point Lake Triathlon, LaGrange, Georgia
  • July 13, 2008 -Olympic- Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon, Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • Aug 31, 2008 -1k/30k/8k- Callaway Gardens Triathlon, Callaway Gardens, Georgia
  • Sept 28, 2008 -Half Iron- South Carolina Half, Ninety Six, South Carolina

This is a quick list, and subject to change, pending the spousal approval. LOL.

I think I might be able to one more for some time in August, so if you know of any good races let me know.

So in my immediate plans, I would like to find a new HIM training plan, something with some longer bricks and maybe a little more run focused then most. I need to also be able to work in at least two full body workouts per week and a real stretching program. I also see a need to drop a few pounds, I've been pretty stable with my thyroid so I really have no more excuses, and so if someone wants to buddy up for the biggest looser contest let me know.

That's all for now, have a nice long weekend.

Train smart, race strong,



Sarah said...

Awesome - get right back into it!! I'll be at Chattanooga, so maybe I'll meet you.

We do need to schedule some rides - I need to attack some hills, but long SCT rides are good too. Maybe if I ride with speedier peeps, I'll speed up.

Wes said...

Great schedule, Brian! I need to get some feed back from Liz, but our schedules could potentially cross at Chattanooga and/or SC HIM. We'll see!!

Kevin said...

Im already signed up for Chattanooga and am mentally signed up for the S/C half. I will be signing up for that soon. Aany time you want to train together would be great

Marcy said...

Oooo oooo Oooo looks like a good schedule to me :-)

Nitmos said...

BTW, nice job with the 70.3! I'm not a tri guy so I'll trust you'll come up with a great plan. For me, I try not to drown when swimming to the other side of the pool. That's probably no help to you though.

Craig said...

Howdy, came across your blog researching Felt Tri-bikes. I am a newbie triathlete who did his 1st ultra this weekend in South Africa and am doing my 1st full Ironman next year in April. I watch with interest :)