Thursday, May 15, 2008

70.3 Florida T-Minus 2 days:

As I write this post I'm looking at my countdown timer for the race and it shows 2 days 20 hours.

WOW, the excitement of it all is starting to set in and I'm starting to get really wired and the double strength Starbucks might be helping.

I've been sick much of the last 8 days but today I feel like I'm starting to come out of my coma!

So much to do and so little time, I need to start making my lists.

I can tell you I was starting to have some real doubts of just how I was going to finish my race. I've missed so many of my workouts in the last two weeks because of the cold it started playing with my mind a bit, you know the mental games your head can play with you. Do I have enough training in, how am I going to make the swim with a head cold, the bike, hell I might not make the swim and all the crazy thought that run through your mind subconsciously.

Now that my cold is breaking up and I'm feeling better each day, my outlook on the race is improving. I know I've got my training in (17 weeks) and sure I might have a little rust because of the last week or so but I know I'll get in some light workouts to break it up. My body is feeling good, I do not have that over trained "I can taste blood" feeling, and by Sunday morning I hope to be close to 100%.

Last night I washed my bike, dried it with a nice clean towel, lubed it up, made a few small adjustments and took it for a quick spin. Once I got back from my spin around the block I start on laundry patrol and washed every bit of workout gear I own, I'm still not sure what's going to get packed.

So today I'm working on printing out all of my directions, making my packing list and creating my schedule.

My race plan, this is something of guess and it's been changing day by day, but here goes.

The swim:

I am going to start the swim in the back and off the main line. It's my plan to take it in thirds, 1/3 go out slow and warm up, 2/3 work up to race pace and keep clear of any trouble, building some speed, the field should be broken up by then, last 3rd go for it, take it up a notch and finish smart.

The bike:

On the bike I'm going to try and stick to the same thirds theme. 1/3 get into my rhythm and get my heart rate under control, eat drink and be merry. 2/3 more of the same but if I'm feeling good start to turn it up a little when I can. I know around mike 30ish I might have some hills but that's ok, hills have been in all my training rides. And the last 3rd, eat and drink, turn up the speed and start to mentally prepare for T2 and the run. I think the last mile or two I will slow it down a little and work on getting the legs loose.

The run:

This is where the unknowns are, I can run off the bike, but this will be my first time running this distance off a 56 mile bike and a 1.2 mile swim. Will the weather be the projected 91 degrees and humid. My hopes for the run are to run what I can and do whatever I need to finish the race. I know the course is going to be hard because of the heat and running surface and the fatigue that I'm sure to have, but I love a challenge.

When I cross the line I want to do it with a smile, knowing that I I gave it my all and I left it all on the course.

Good luck to all my fellow triathletes, I hope we all have a good and safe race.

Wish me luck.



Wes said...

I'll wish you luck, but you won't need it :-) Have a safe trip down! I'll call you when I get there.

Oh, and you'll be awesome :-)

Marcy said...

GOOD LUCK!!! ;D ;D I'm sure you'll do excellent! Make sure you have some fun too!

Kevin said...

Good Luck. Have a safe trip down. Youve put in the training, you will do well. Have a great race. Youve earned it

Sam said...

Good plan! Good luck and have fun.

Mario Montag said...

Thanks Brian. Good luck to you as well. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think you are the first comment I have had. I just started the blog a month ago. See you out there on Sunday!

Gotta Run said...

Hope that the event was an awesome one!!