Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday in Acworth:

Today was a great day, I met Wes and Dee Dee at Dallas Landing, but the park closed today, not sure what was going on. Wes knew of another place we could swim, so we turned it around and headed over to Acworth Beach.

We pulled in and I was psyched to about 30 TNT (Team in Training) triathletes doing a mock tri.

While at the beach I saw someone wearing the Zoot/GU tri top, so I introduced myself as a Zoot/GU team member, so out of the blue I got to meet Brian R.

We got to talking and Brian said he is going to race Escape from Alcatraz and Chattanooga River front tri and a few others, I told him my plans for 70.3 FLA, and that I Chattanooga looked like a race I needed to do.

So Wes, Dee Dee and I got our wetsuits on and jumped and started swimming, what a good time.

We all had a good swim, I really enjoyed the new wetsuit, it fit great and I was faster in it.

We got out of the water; I pulled off the wetsuit without any issues, dried off a bit, and got ready.

Got the bike out of the trunk and put the front wheel on, I got to talk to Brian a little more about racing, it turns out Brian raced IM Florida so Wes and Brian started talking about the race.

Dee Dee had to take off, so Wes and I got started, we rode the 12.5 miles loop 3 times and headed back. I liked most of the loop, there is a long section that's on Cobb Parkway this road is a little too busy for me, but when in Rome.

I stayed in the aero position most of the time and had a good time on the bike as Wes proceeded to kick my A$$, that guy can swim, bike and run.

Jumped off the bike stowed the bike and swapped out shoes and a bike jersey for a tank and started a slow run / walk.

This was the end of a great workout, and a great build up to the race, 16 week punched and 2 weeks taper, as I write this its 13 days to race day.

So here are the number:
0:20:00 Swim

0:10:00 T1

2:02:00 Bike

0:10:00 T2

0:30:00 Run

3:12:00 Total

I'll sleep good tonight.

Train smart, race strong,



Wes said...

Funny how I kicked your ass, but every time you led, you tried to drop me. Sumbitch :-)

Dee Dee has given me the go ahead for a Sunday ride out your way. I think I can come out, ride, and be back in time to make her breakfast!

Lemme know what you think...

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like a fun time!