Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mock Triathlon @ my house!

I love triathlon, I love to swim, bike and run and if I could I would like to do it every weekend. "If I could", but I can't, I just don't have the time to travel to all of the locations and on top of that gas is $4 bucks a gallon and then many times hotels are involved and well it can get expensive. But the real underlying truth is I just can spare the time away from the family.

So what am I going to do…

I've decided to put on my own triathlon in my own backyard.

My neighborhood has a lap pool, so I got the swim thing covered and that always the hardest part. I've got endless rides and run courses, so I can pick all of the hills and complain about them during the race. Post race I can drink my own beer and eat my own hamburgers and float around the pool (quick shower before implied). And best of all I get some of my pals to come race it with me, some that have raced before, and better yet I might get a few newbie's.

Because of commitments to family plans I cannot attempt the first annual "Fat B(astards or itches)'s tri club" (borrowed from Wes, as he coined the phrase) triathlon until June 14 or 15.

If anyone would like to join me for a free backyard triathlon and beers in two weeks let me know. I am open to all suggested distances but I can tell you Iron might be out of the question this time.

Post a comment or email me at

Train smart, race strong,



Kevin said...

Sounds like a great plan. I should be in. Ill just check with my wife (though maybe she'd be up to join us as she is contemplating her first tri for the following week at calloway).

Wes said...

I am in. I'll drag Dee Dee with me. Should be a blast!

Sam said...

I'll check with the wife. I don't know how far I can swim or bike these days but I hope to place in the 38 year old person named Sam division!

Nitmos said...

I'll enjoy the beers from my home and couch. You do the tri part. We make a good team. Good luck!

Richard said...

I don't know you outside of this blog but I am in. send me directions at richard_hambrick at yahoo I have a race June 7th but other than that I am in.

Athlete In Training said...

Depending on what level of newbie-ness you decide to open entries to I would venture out!

Brian said...

Everyone is welcome.
We all start somewhere and my place will be a blast.


Kevin said...

Count me (and possibly Cathy) in

teacherwoman said...

Geez... if I was in the area, I would so be joining y'all! :) Sounds like tons of fun!

Amy said...

I'll see if Troy wants to give this one a shot...I'm sure he'll have his bike fixed by then :)

Email me city location. Thanks!

Sarah said...

I'm in if I'm in town (I'll be gone the weekend of June 20-22). Otherwise, count me in. I'm sure we can all chip in for snacks and Gatorade.

Sam said...

I've been looking for this on all morning. Is the race full yet and has a date been confirmed?

Brian said...

I'm thinking about Sat the 14th, because the 15th is Fathers Day.

I'm not 100% sure on the time yet, but 10:00 am might be a time to start, I don't think anyone would be at the pool then.

I was thinking we could keep this session short (sprint'ish distance) to start with, so maybe a 15-20 minutes swim, 15-25 mile bike and 5k run.

Or we could break into groups and go nutz.

My thoughts where start small and get everyone involved and work up to bigger and better things as we move along.

Post workout, we have an outside shower at the pool, showers at the house, or my kids can spray you down with the hose. I would love to have everyone back to the house for some shacks and beverages.

I am open to all suggestions.