Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daily report:

Good swim:
Pool was going nuts with kids, loads of them, spring break is here.
I had couple of pool noodles get in my lane as my lane was right up against the kids area. I thought I could talk all the kids into beating on my while I swam, might make for real life exp.

Not so good run:
Splints are back, I went out a little quick because we were running as a group and I think this was what triggered the splints.Kind of bad for the first two miles, then easing on the way back.I had to walk for a bit going out, and for about 30 seconds coming back, but once I got to the second half I was able to run pretty good.I think I need to stick to the treadmill for awhile so I can heal up 100%.



Wes said...

Yea, splints suck. Have you thought about Super Feet? I heart mine!!

Kevin said...

Yeah I had shin spilnts several years in a row before I started doing triathlons. The cross training was what first got me into Tri's. Ill have to look into super feet

Gotta Run said...

Make sure your shoes are the right ones for you. ICE the shins!!!

Keep on moving!!!