Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week 8 of my training for Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon:

Week 8, almost at the halfway point.
At almost the halfway point I am feeling good about my training and I feel like I will be ready to run my race. My only worry now is my speed, I am not as fast at I need to be, I want to run a sub five hour marathon. Now sub –five isn’t fast by any means but it’s a goal I should be able to reach.
So this week I have the following runs planed:
Tues 4 miles
Wed 7 miles
Thur 4 miles
Sat 7 miles
Sun 15 miles
My Sunday long run of 15 will be broken into two loops, this way I can stop back and reload my water and nutrition.

Things I need to do:
1) Stretch more, my mussels are getting sore and tight.
2) Drink more water.
3) Get more sleep

So that’s my week, I got a 7 miler tonight, note sure if I will run in the tread or on the street, either way I can’t get going until 08:00 pm.

Keep the rubber side down,


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Wes said...

Howdy, Brian! It's always a special treat to meet another Georgia endurance athlete. Thanks for coming by!!

That's an impressive running schedule for a marathon training program. I AM IMPRESSED! :-) I know that when I settle on my plan, I will be running three times a week. I still want to cross train (read cycle and swim) one day a week to stay in some form.

I just got the go ahead to sign up for Florida 70.3 from the Spousal Unit! How exciting is that? If you decide to do it, and you are out my way (Northwest Georgia), we could hook up for some really long training sessions next year.

Happy training!!!