Monday, August 6, 2007

life is good

Week 5: 30 miles or bust
Its week 5 and today is a cross day, so I swam and stretched out at lunch.
Not much of a real workout, but I needed some real time to loosen up my legs and recover from last week. Speaking of last week, I was the `On-Call` person this week and boy did they call. Why does the person on the other end of the phone sound so cheerful at 03:00, and all I want to do is kill them.
Ok that’s in the past and I am going to get to bed at a reasonable hour and start banking some hours.
Enough negativity, I need to fill my soul with positive thoughts. That’s my mantra this week `positive thoughts`.
So this week I have cross on Mon, 3 miles on Tues, 6 on Wed, 3 on Thurs, Rest on Fri, 6 on Sat, and 12 on Sunday for a total of 30.
I think my Sunday 12 will be a modified version of my 11 from last week. I need to hide some water toward the last quarter of my run, I was a little dry on my 11. Is it ok to use someone’s hose to fill your bottle?

I might do a sprint TRI the weekend of 08/18, this is a 600 meter swim, 13 on the bike and 5k run. I’ve been meaning to do one of the `Tri the Parks` events, and I guy I talk to at the pool is doing it and it sounds like a good time.
I checked my schedule and all I have is a 6 mile on Sat and a 9 on Sunday. So it might just work out that I do the race rather than my 9 mile long.

Kids Triathlon:
My oldest Daughter 8 years old might do the IronKids Tri on Sunday 08/19, we have to check her schedule, as she might have cheerleading practice. She is psyched, she has been wanting to do a race for a long time.
So the numbers are, 4 laps in a 25 meter pool, 5k bike ride and a 1 mile run.
We have been doing some swim training and she can medley swim it about 3 minutes. Now the bike and run need some help, she can do it all, but we have to work on a pace. Kids don’t get pace she just goes hard, gets a side stitch slows until its gone and the goes back to 100%, kids.
I really want her to race it, but I am not pushing at all. I would love her to get the felling of being invincible, that she can accomplish anything that she works hard toward.
I know in my own training and racing that it’s hard and there are times where I just want to stop and give up, but I know if I can stay focused work the plan I know I can do anything.
And that’s something I want my kids to know first hand.

My wife is great and I got to let her know it. I just might vacuum tonight and send her to shoe store.


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