Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Marathon training update:
I am in week 7 of 18 of my training for the Chickamauga Marathon.
So far things are going fine, I have had the some soreness but for the most part it has been temporary. My biggest threat has been my Achilles tendons, I have had soreness on both down where it attaches to the heel bone. So I have been stretching and massaging it and doing long warm-ups before I run.

The mileage is ramping up this week to a total of 36, so my week looks like:
Monday Cross, but I ran to make up for last week, ran 5.2
Tuesday Should be 4, but I ran 5.5 to make up for last week.
Wednesday 7, I’m going to run this tonight, should be fun.
Thursday 4
Friday OFF
Saturday 7
Sunday 14

Lately the heat has been a real problem, we are 10-15 degrees above our normal temperature and it’s been killing my runs. This is my second summer in GA, and the heat is kicking my butt and m window for running outside is small, and much of my runs have been in the dark of night. In New England it can get very hot during the days, but it would always cool down over night. Here in GA, the AM temp has been just about 80 and real humid.

Ok, ok enough of my rant about the heat, I figure am going to be a much stronger runner for all miles and the heat fatigue. Give me a 65 degree day, and I know I’m going to be a much faster runner for the pain of this summer.

I can remember pouring hot water into my water bottle before a run in the frosty New England winter and hoping for a 100 degree day, so I got my wish.



Anonymous said...

Be careful with your Achilles'! I did alllll of the the training for my first marathon (yes, 20 mile run) and one day during the taper phase my left ankle swelled up as big as a grapefruit. I went to the sports podiatrist and he told me that, not only was I NOT running the marathon, I was doing ZERO running and P.T. 3 times a week for at least 2 months. It was horrible. But, if I didn't listen to him I was facing surgery and potentially no more running, ever.

Brian said...

I being a guy.... I/we think if a little is good, then a log must be great. I tend to over train nad not get enough rest, but those days are over, I found that if I lean back a bit on the hills I don't put as much strain on it. And I really have to watch my form, because as I get tired I get sloppy.

So thanks for the info, it will help to keep me in line.