Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Please send some cool weather.

Winter would be nice.

My company is participating in the Kiser Permanente Corporate Challenge, and I am trying to get 30 people from my department to run or walk it with me. Last year my department had maybe 7 out of the 50 or so runners/walkers and I knew then we needed more. I have gotten 20-22 people signed up so I need the other 8-10, and I am working the room like a politician. I find running so rewarding so I am hoping to spread my enthusiasm and make a few new runners.
As part of my trying to organize my runners we decided that we should do company training runs on Tuesday after work. So I sent out an email to about 30 people about my idea about the group run. No this was a good, no a great idea, we were going to have a blast. Well I only had one problem, Mother Nature, she decided it was about time to turn up the heat. It was H O T, the `feels like temp` was 105, yup one hundred and five. I believe this to be the reason we only had 4 runners willing to risk life and limb for the company run.
We ran at Arabia Mountain trails in Lithonia GA.
It was hot.


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Stephanie said...

That's amazing; with these temps I can't believe anyone showed up!