Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's hot, and I feel like mud.

Boy it’s hot out, its Sunday @ 19:30 ish, and I need to run 6 miles.
Right now its 89 degrees out and I am tired from yesterdays 11 miler and I am trying to convince myself that I need to `Just do it`.

Yesterdays 11 miler was sweet, I stared out about 07:00 and ran 11 miles. It was warm, about 75 degrees out when I started, and 85 when I got home. The course I mapped out was a mix of medium rollers, two or three big hills and some flats. Most of the scenery was horse farms, forest and a few subdivisions. And lucky for me it was mostly shaded with no crazy canines like a few others I’ve run. I felt good and ran the entire way, my water lasted. My water weight loss during the run was just over 3 pounds, so I guess I could have drank another bottle.

Body parts: My knees were a little swollen and it felt strange. My Achilles tendonitis was starting to heat up, I guess from 1-10 it was a 3, but I though I had it beat. Today my legs are a little heavy. We took the kids to Lake Linear Islands water park, and we spent much if the time in the deep end of the wave pool, and today I could tell I wasn’t 100%. Monday as a cross day is going to be a welcome break from the running. I got to spend some time on the bike, I still have one or two tri’s left on my calendar.

So, I hope to get my but in-gear and get my six miles in tonight.


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