Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Recycle update and the Big Peach Running Co

Recycle update:
I found our curbside pickup company on the net and found some guidelines on what can and can not be recycled.
Recycling Guidelines
We can recycle the following materials:
· Aluminum cans - rinse and crush 1st
· Newspaper - newsprint only
· Steel cans - rinse and remove lids
· Plastic - only milk jugs, water bottles and soda sized bottles
We can not recycle these materials:
· Aluminum foil
· Styrofoam
· Cardboard
· Plastic bags
· Hazardous materials (see above list)
· Household trash
Although they say they do not recycle cardboard the do. I have been putting in my recycle bin: all items listed in the CAN and the following items, plastic shopping bags (tied in knots), cardboard boxes from cereal and cracker boxes, shoe boxes, clean pizza boxes and just about everything I can think of. So I will have to take a closer look and what is coming home from the stores to see had the waste can be managed.

Also, I just bought a new pair of running shoes from Big Peach Running Co, and they do to couple of cool things:
1) If you leave the box at the store they will recycle it.
2) They have a program called
BPRC “Re-use Your Shoes” Program
If you buy a new pair of running or walking shoes at BPRC - - and you’re willing to leave your old ones with us - - we’ll give you 5% off your total invoice. We’ll also give you the satisfaction you deserve knowing that your former treads are going to different organizations in and around Atlanta assisting the homeless and less fortunate.

Now, I did not know this, and I road my bike and all I had was my cycling shoes and I can not give them up (hot ride on some real busy roads, can't say I recomend it).

This is a very cool shop so give them a try.

More to come on the fit process of my new sneeks.


Forgot to add:
You got to check out this site: http://earth911.org/ please.



Big Peach Runner said...

I love Big Peach Running Co. And I am so glad to hear you are recycling! Thanks for the info on that...I learned a few things.

Brian said...

It was my first trip to BPRC but now that I know where it is I am sure I will be back monthly.