Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My wife asked me, why do you run?
After about a minute of pondering the question, I said, because I feel like a superhero when I run. The 6 year-old in me blurted out the answer before the much older man that I am now got a chance, but the more I think about my answer the more I really think its the truth.

I can remember a sunny day running around in the backyard just zooming with my hands held out, leaning into the turns, jumping over obstacles and running just as fast as I could. I was a superhero. It’s funny, but I can still see my Mom looking at the through the window at me, I can still smell the flowers and the heat of the day, and I can still hear the music that was on the radio. The movie that plays in my head is now somewhat overexposed, bleached out at the edges and with every year that goes by it gets fainter and fainter. But when I run, I am that 6 year-old boy running around in the backyard, I get a warm feeling, and every once in awhile I will put my arms out and soar, because I am still that superhero.


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Nicole Wong said...

That's great! I can totally relate.
Though, maybe I'll just take the role of Wonder Woman's sidekick. Maybe, I can get the carry the lasso for her. :)