Sunday, August 12, 2007

12 Miler, love the long run.

Week 5 is in the books.
This week was real hot and hard to get the miles in.
I joined Fitness 19 too beet the heat, join one gym and you get access to all other clubs, good deal.

I made all the runs but missed a few miles. Thursday I had a company dinner and missed my 3 miles, so I made it up on Friday. Saturdays 6 mile run was cut short do to time constraints, and I was only able to get in 3. Sunday’s long run of 12 went fine, I ran in the morning to beet the heat. Starting temperature was 80 it got up to 87 and then it clouded up a bit and at the end it was 82ish. I ran with two bottles and had one gone at the half and it was getting hotter, I found a subdivision with the sprinklers going so I was able to fill a bottle of water with sprinkler water. With the extra water I had enough water to make all the way. At the end of the run I was only deficit 2 pounds, water weight I’m sure. I ran a slightly modified version of my 11 mile run, so the route was familiar.

I am still running a little too slow, I averaged 12:16 per mile, and I am trying to get it to 11:30 a full 46 seconds faster. I was a little flat, my legs were tired. Not sure from what but I am sure the heat of the week and the day had something to do with it.

Next week:
Is the last of a three week cycle, and the last week has fewer miles then the previous two.
Monday Cross
Tuesday 3
Wednesday 6
Thursday 3
Friday Off
Saturday 6
Sunday 9

Thoughts during the long run:
1) Boy I got to run faster.
2) Am I going to be ready, I am slow on my long runs, I do not want to run a 6 hour marathon; (I am hoping for a sub 5 hour marathon).
3) Summer (school vacation) is over, my oldest starts school on Monday.
4) Life is pretty good and I am very lucky man. Now that’s not to say I haven’t earned what I have, a lot of hard work and keeping my goals insight have gotten me here. It’s my turn to give back, so what can I do. That’s the mission for the week.

So that’s it.
Come on week 6.


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