Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I’m still alive, just taking it easy:

I've been a little burnt lately, like you couldn't tell, I'm still training, but I doing it on my terms.

My 'A' race was early and I started my base training back in January, raced in mid May and took a few weeks to unwind and get back in-touch with my family. I missed many things while I toiled away at my reclusive training plans and the strict schedule and I needed a break. Then came a somewhat extended family vacation, and many trips to Six flags and the water park, time well spent. We had some real fun, and while I love triathlon and training, it had to take a back seat to the demands of being a husband and father.

I haven't been a complete slacker, I've been training, I just haven't been worrying about time or heart rate or distance, the only thing I have been worried about is having some fun. It's a whole different world when you don't have a goal for every workout, and you're just out for the fun of it. I like to run or ride with no plan, just go get lost somewhere, find something new, and think about life, my plans for the future as well as review the past. After a long run or ride my body is tired buy my mind is so clear and this has been my training purpose these last two months.

Feeling refreshed I now need to put a few things on my calendar, I'd like to race a two more triathlons this year and at least on half marathon this fall. Tonight I'm going to discuss possible plans with my wife and see what our schedules look like and see if I can squeeze a few races.

Forgot to add, my daughters suggested that we do a family race, so I'm going to be looking for a one mile fun run 4-6 weeks out and get them involved in some training.

Be good to each other,





Marcy said...

Nothing wrong with taking it easy, my friend ;-)

Wes said...

I figured you've been chillaxin. That's why I haven't bugged ya on the IM :-) Good to know you still have a toe in the water, but don't worry my friend, we have tons of years ahead of us to tri!!

teacherwoman said...

I've been taking it easy too ;) A family fun run sounds like a great idea! :)

Erin Leigh said...

Glad you have been enjoying yourself!! Sounds like you have had a great summer so far. Can't wait to see what races you are going to do.

Kevin said...

GOod to hear you are doing well. Take your time, when your ready to do another race, great. Enjoy the time with the family