Sunday, August 17, 2008

I love my bike:

I finally got on my bike after almost two weeks.
I took off about 09:30 for what was going to be a one hour ride, just a shake out, but I was having so much fun just tooling around I stayed out for two hours.

One thing I got to today was explore some new roads, you know all those side streets you just fly by when you out on a training ride. I got to make it down quite a few and found some nice short steep hills, many farms, and in one neighborhood a young boy on a BMX bike that wanted to race.

When I pulled in the hood, I was about 6 minutes short of 2 hours so I made the hilly hood loop (HHL). The HHL is all down hill for about 3/4 mile then up hill for about 1/4 mile, That means that coming back is just about all up hill, so I found a gear and got out of the saddle for about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile, yup a real butt kicker. I made it home, showered, then the wife and kids took me to Texas Road House for a steak and then it was home for some Olympic and a nap.

I just finished week one of the 100 pushup challenge, and all I can say is pushups are hard. I hope next week it gets easier LOL.

I got a funny foot thing going on, where my second longest toe metatarsal bone meets to the ball of my foot it kind of feels like I have a dime stuck to the bottom of my foot. It sore, but it's not killing me, but it's been two weeks, so I might have to spend to co-pay and see a doc. But being a guy I just might wait another week, I mean it's not oozing puss yet, you know what I'm saying.

Ok, thats it for now,



An Athlete In Training said...

Glad you finally got to get back on your bike after a break! I'm finding I miss biking if I have to take an extended break as well - weird feeling for me! Hope the foot heels (hah!) soon

Wes said...

Sounds like a fun ride! I love those kinds of workouts. Do some of those push ups for me. I've been avoiding that particular challenge!!

Kevin said...

Glad to hear your bike is as good as new.

Nitmos said...

If nothing has turned purplish blue, I'm sure its fine.