Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time stands still for no man or woman.

It's been awhile to say the least, but the storm tonight knocked out the power so I've got some time.
Where to start, July is passing like a summer storm, just as it arrives its almost over. I've been in a little funk lately, I ended June and stretched into July with a vacation home to see my family and friends and spent two weeks having fun at the beach. I got to see a lot of old friends and some young ones, we broke bread and drank wine with many. My how time goes by, the kids all got bigger and smarter, wish I could stop time. My life is so good I don't want anything to change, my wife kids are wonderful and I can't imagine it any other way.
Sorry about the rambling. So I left the wife and kids at my in-laws for an extra two week of vacation and I've missed them dearly, what can I say underneath my rough exterior I'm just dad that misses his family. I pick them up at the airport tomorrow and I can't wait, 14 days is a long time without them.
My training has been a little poor after 70.3 Florida, I've been feeling a little burnt and my Thyroid has me up and down daily. The weekend I got back from vacation was the Chattanooga Waterfront triathlon, I had been looking forward to the race for weeks, but on race morning it was raining and the forecast was calling for rain all day so I pulled the plug on the race and just watched, in retrospect I wish I raced it, its been haunting me for two weeks. I wrote it off to two weeks of beer and BBQ and the fact that I didn't get many good training days in while on vacation, that coupled with the fact that I haven't been feeling too good. Deep down inside I know some of what I was feeling was race day jitters and they got the best of me. Not racing was bad, the event looked like a blast even with the rain and I know I'll be doing this race next year.
So enough crying in my beer, I'm still getting some key workouts in. The weekend was great, Saturday I got in a good swim and then rode 30 miles, Sunday was a 60 minute run, all my weekend workouts were unplugged, just enjoying the time. I'm feeling fresh and I know when I see the wife and kids tomorrow all will be as it should.

So if any of you know of a good race comming up let me know.

Ok, be good to each other and enjoy the ride.



An Athlete In Training said...

Glad to hear that you are getting to just unplug and enjoy those workouts. Enjoy seeing your family again tomorrow!

Wes said...

Rough exterior? If you were hairy, you'd be a big ole ewok :-)

Cohutta Springs is fun (October), and the Hiawasee Summer Sizzler is good too (Aug 2).

Enjoy life as much as you can bro! It is too freakin short :-)

Sarah said...

It is tough to get back in the loop - I have found that even after missing a day or two, I'm feeling down in the dumps. You will feel better just getting back to it! And with the family back, well, you'll have no excuses ;).

We missed ya!

Kevin said...

Im glad you are feeling better. There are a few sprints coming up in the area like Emerald Pointe and Tri 2 Remember.

It definitely is hard to get outta that funk once youve gotten in one.

Running To Stand Still said...

Awww you are a big mush ;)

Glad the fam is coming home so things can get back to normal for you.

And don't rush the summer, PLEASE!!!

Nitmos said...

Must be a hot one in GA?? I wonder what it must be like to train outside this time of year in that climate.

Sam said...

Sam said...

Time seems to be standing still on your Blog! Update us!