Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bike it to work day:

Well I finally did it, I rode my bike to the office.

What a nice way to start the day, the weather was great, sunny and 62 degrees.
I met up with a pal from the office and we rode in together, the route was calm traffic wise, it had some long grades and some nice hills to it.
We started from my friends house and rode down past farms and forest and we even got to ride over a covered wooden bridge.

I've showered up, had my large vat of coffee and now it's time to gloat about our epic ride. Well not so epic, but the office crew doesn't need to know that, hehe.

So today I'm saving 1 gallon of gas, that's $4 bucks in my pocket OPEC, take that!!!

Later today I hope to swimming at lunch, if I can get a ride I'll take it easy, I'm thinking a cool 1000m at a nice slow pace.

Then I'm riding back home, and then I got mow that damn lawn. :-D

Round trip on the bike should work out to 27 miles +/-.

I'm putting out the challenge to you guys, if you can, and if it's safe, then pick a day and ride it in.

Train smart, race strong,


P.S. the Celtics beat the Lakers and took the title!


Wes said...

Just damn... Everybody gets to do fun stuff except me :-( It would be that long to my work one way :-)

Kevin said...

Great job biking to work. Sinc I have to drive 35 miles down GA-400 it isnt an option for me :(

Marcy said...

WHOOOOO HOOOOOO alright!! Totally awesome! Not only saving dough but helping the environment, and keeping yourself healthy (not that you weren't before LOL)

Sam said...

Another reason why I need a new job. I currently drive 38 miles down I85.

D10 said...

Great picture of the bike in the cubicle! Well done riding your bike to work. How was the trip home?

And yes the Celtics won!! What a game.

Sarah said...

I'm gonna try man, since I'm so close to home. But is it ok if I wrap myself in bubble wrap first?


Running To Stand Still said...

Very cool! Sounds like a great way to start the day!!!

Nitmos said...

Unless they build a sidewalk all the way to my office, I won't be riding any time soon. I'll get run over.

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Oh I should sssoooo be riding my bike to work...well done B!

teacherwoman said...

nice work!! Sounds like a great time!