Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ride to work:

Rode into the office again today, this time I left from my house.
It was a real nice ride this morning, cool without much traffic.

My ride was just under 20 miles in and it took me 1:04 with a few traffic lights and 4-way stop signs. I expect it will take me a little longer on the way back with the extra climes and late day heat (90+).

Just an observation on my part, but I think motorists are slightly more aware of cyclists and can see the financial benefit of parking the car. During my ride in I felt that many motorists went out of their way to give me some extra room on the road. But WTF is it with big red pickup trucks, every time I have a close one on the road, it's some jackhole in a red pick up.

Anyway, I'm saving about 1.5-2 gallons of gas today, so if anyone needs it.


I had a good ride home.
It was hot and much of the first 6 miles is up hill, so my tongue was hanging out and I was panting like a dog.
I got back to the house and I could feel the heat in me and my skin felt the hot from the sun, it was awesome.

When I got home, my kids, some of their friends and their parents where home and they were all asking me questions about my ride and I could see they were impressed or they where thinking I was crazy, not sure which. I think I could see some pride in my kids eyes when their friends and parents were asking me questions about my ride, I mean come on, they know I'm a badass.

It was a good day.


Wes said...

Yea, jackhole :-) I'll be by later with my gas can!!!

Kevin said...

I envy those that actually are able to ride to work. It wouldnt be possible for me to ride from Cumming to Sandy springs, unless I hopped on a bus and a train

Marcy said...

I get so peeved with other drivers when they don't give peeps room, especially when there is NO ONE coming in the other direction. So rude! I'm glad you've had good experiences so far :-)

D10 said...

Nice job on the ride. The way home must have been a scorcher. Glad to hear you are noticing that people are becoming more aware of others on the road.

Running To Stand Still said...

That is cute about your kids! Sounds like a great ride on the way in. I would have died on the way home ;)

Nitmos said...

How much is your gas going for? And do you ship?

Mike said...

That is awesome. Motorists are more aware, but you still gotta have some cahones to hop in rush hour ATL traffic.

I live northeast of Cumming and work on Windward. Maybe I'll look into getting a touring bike and giving it a go. My company would actually pay me $2 a day to do it as a commute alternative. Hwy 9 at 4a.m. would be a great warmup for spin class!