Monday, June 9, 2008

Update, Mock TRI @ my house:


I have been playing with the schedule and I have decided on Saturday June 14 at 09:30 am.

Judging by some of the responses it looks like we'll have a good mix of abilities, so I wanted to come up with routes and distances that can done with killing anyone, or that can be done as two loops for those of you that want a good arse kicking.

I still have no exact routes mapped, but here is what I'm thinking.

  • Swim: We can swim (lap pool in my neighborhood) 15 minutes or more depending on everyone's mood.
  • Bike: I am setting up a 15 mile ish rolling bike course that some can ride once or twice depending on their mood, and if you want to add some hills then I can oblige.
  • Run: Again we have a few options, I have a nice flat 1 mile run off the bike, a flat 5k or a hilly 5 miler all depending upon your pain threshold.

My plan is to do a swim and bike and maybe the one mile run off the bike, this way I can get back in time to play host. For the bike and run I will have maps and I hope to paint a few arrows out on the turns, and so that everyone will be able to get in a good workout.

If needed we have a shower at the pool or you can shower at my house.

Post workout we can grill some meat and drink some beer and maybe hit the pool for the cool down.


So now it polling time, please post or email me what you're thinking.

I need to know if you coming so I can plan, so please don't be shy, let me know your plans.

Everyone is welcome!



Sarah said...

I think I'm in (and I'll check with hubby too). If the bike isn't crazy hilly, I can probably do 2 loops and then a 5K off the bike.

Sarah said...

Ok, hubby is in too, perhaps for his first tri. Woot! We can bring something to contribute or chip in some cash towards grilling stuff.

Kevin said...

I am definitely in. I like the 2 loop 5K option. I may drag my wife along for the 1 loop, 1 mile run option.

Richard said...

I am in. Is it ok to bring the wife and my 7 month old daughter? I want to do the run course with her, and seeing how its father's day weekend. Let me know.


Brian said...

Sure bring the family, no problem.
Maybe we can get your wife to work the camera??


Brian said...


Would you want to bring an appetizer, or bring whatever your famous for.

Sam said...

I'm in. The shorter the better because I have lost all fitness and will surely make a fool of myself.

I could also bring some food or give you some money towards something. Let me know.

Wes said...

I am in. I gave Dee Dee the puppy dog eyes. I think she's caving. Let me know what I can help with!!

Sarah said...

Sure thing - I'll bring some spinach dip and pita chips, and some diet soda for myself. I can ask Hubby to bring some beers for him.

Maybe a BYOB thing and then we can chip in for grillin stuff?

Brian said...

I'm open for anything.

I was thinking I would work the grill with some burgers and dogs, and make up a Italian style pasta salad. That kind of stuff, I figure we would have earned a good cheese burger and a cold beer, right?

I can cover the burgers, dogs and all that, but if someone asks me what can I bring I always say, if you want to bring something, bring what your famous for. So if you make a mean dip, then bring it.
Otherwise just bring yourself.

Also, for everyone, if you bring any beer, please bring some in cans, because glass is not allowed at the pool.


Nitmos said...

The hard part will be getting to Georgia...and learning to swim for 15 straight minutes. Good luck.

J said...

Well, too bad I don't live closer!

Richard said...

Cool, I am up for a sprint tri. The wife said she would work the camera. I need directions though.. can you email me at eshmultisport at


An Athlete In Training said...

I'll come as the token slowest person there (short option for me!)

Can you email me directions as well?

anathleteintraining AT