Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Break time is over:

In my post Ironman 70.3 recovery (extended) period I've been a little lax in my training.

Those days are over and I'm back on the wagon!

My next 'A' race is less than a month away and I got to get going.

Next up is the Chattanooga Waterfront tri on July 13, so I started tuning up for it. I'm really excited about this one; from everything I read it's a really nice race.

I've been kind of winging it with my training schedule but tonight I'm going to get on paper my training plan from now to race day.

I would like to really start to work on my run, my gosh is it bad, I've been having some real issues with my lower legs this year and it's been hard on my psyche.

Some of the issues are related to my low thyroid levels, everything I read speaks about muscle weakness and cramping when you real low and I can attest to it.

I've been working with my doctor to get me dosage right but I'm still too low and I know it's been effecting me all year, so Friday I'm going in for blood work.

So back to my training plan:
Swim, I would like to get 2 or 3 per week.
Monday, 1200 meters of short drills x 50s.
Wednesday, 1500 of longer x100s or x150s drills.
Friday, 2000 or longer straight swim for endurance.

Bike, I would like to get in 3.
I am also going to plan at least 3 rides, still working on days and times.
Saturday, long ride 40 + miles, followed by a run off the bike of 30 + min.

Run, I'm thinking I will run 4 times per week.
I would like to 2 runs off the bike, one short 15 min and one longer 30 min.
Tuesday, I can run at lunch, 40-60 min.
Thursday, I can run at lunch, 40-60 min.
Saturday, run off the bike 30 + minutes.
Sunday, longer run 90 + minutes.

On top of all that we're on vacation for some time, and I'm going to have to borrow a bike while I'm on vacation.

We're going to be visiting family and friends, two of our friends are training for Ironman Lake Placid so I know I can get in some training action with them.

I just have to watch out for the "Screw it I'm on vacation" thoughts.

P.s. I swam today at lunch, 2100m in 42 and change, felt pretty good.

Train smart, race strong,



Wes said...

Get back to work (ing out) :-) Nuff socializing ;-) I ran off the bike twice a week during half iron training. Fifteen minutes on Thursdays and thirty minutes on Saturdays. It was really the best training I did. I have no trouble transitioning to the run now.

Happy training bro!! Remember to change your swim time at Chattanooga so I can draft off of you!!

Marcy said...

Awwhhh man! I hope you get things figured out with the Dr and your levels. That can't be fun, at all :-(

teacherwoman said...

Looks like you know what kind of schedule you want to follow! Very nice! So, is this for an Oly Tri?

Kevin said...

Looks like a solid plan. Its great that you'll be able to get some solid training in while on vacation.I cant believe Chattanooga will be here so soon.